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August 21, 2011

Sleek haul: Oh So Special palette & Monaco palette

Adding two more Sleek palettes to my collection: the Oh So Special palette and the Monaco palette from the Meditarranean collection.

The Oh So Special palette looked like a must-have when I first saw it. It consists of a mélange of 7 matte and 5 metallic shades in neutral coulours, something that can be used everyday.

According to Sleek, it’s the ultimate i-Divine that every woman should have in her possession, with 12 flattering on-trend shades to suit all skin tones no matter what the occasion. Go from day time chic with matte browns and creamy beiges to sultry evening glamour with shimmering grays and smokey plums.

Here are the swatches:

Glitz reminded me of MAC Knight Divine. The colour looks the same in the pan.

When swatched, however, there's a slight difference in shade with Knight Divine being darker than Glitz.

This is the Monaco palette which is a limited edition palette from the Meditarranean collection. The colour mix in this one is very vibrant and fun, and to be honest, I'm not sure if I would use some of these colours e.g Kiwi Zest. It just doesn't feel like me. But overall, it looks like a nice palette to have. Again it's a mixture of 7 matte and 5 metallic/shimmery shades.


Swatches to more sleek palettes here (original, storm, sunset) and here (bad girl, sparkle, curious).


February 12, 2011

mini sleek haul: rose gold blush and molten metal metallic eyeshadow duo

I collected these off Kas yesterday when we met at the MAC Private Sale. This is my first sleek haul that doesn't consist of eyeshadow palettes. You can see swatches of these HERE (original, storm, sunset) and HERE (bad girl, sparkle, curious).

I've been wanting to try their blushers but kept hesitating because I already have too many blushers in my stash and I didn't want to make myself feel worse by adding one more which might mean starting another collection from another brand. But when i saw swatches of rose gold, I felt like I really wanted it just because it looked so pretty. And I must say, it really does not disappoint in real life. It is so highly pigmented! LOVES!

The molten metal eyeshadow duo is a newly launched product which consists of 2 metallic creamy shades. It looks beautiful, doesn't it? It was all glistening, as if coated with a layer of oil. When I touched it, my finger slipped and kinda picked up some "oil" before getting to the colour itself. I don't know if it's just me, but it takes a while to dry out after application? After swatching, I could still smear it over my skin because it was still "wet" and it became a thin layer of shimmer instead. Will have to try that out on my eyes and see if it stays. Else I reckon that this will make a pretty highlighter for cheeks.

Swatches of rose gold and molten metal:

Comparison swatches for rose gold:

I find that sleek rose gold is predominantly golden as compared to nars orgasm.

In the sun:

And also, I think that the blush packaging is so cute. It's so small, yet holds 8g of product vs nars which holds 4.8g. And for the price, it's so worth it!

February 01, 2011

more Sleek makeup palettes swatches

I have added 3 more Sleek makeup palettes to my collection. They are: Sparkle and Curious which are limited edition palettes, and Bad Girl which is now part of the permanent line. I've had Bad Girl and Sparkle (LE for Holiday 2010) since last year but I've been lazy to swatch and post them up. As for Curious, I had the chance to get it through Kas who ordered it on eBay recently.

This is the Bad Girl i-Divine palette which you can still order from sleek's website. (I realize l call it Bad Gal instead of Bad Girl. Oops! Must be influenced by Benefit's Bad Gal mascara). Love the colours of this palette which is a mixture of matte and pearlescent shades. Sleek has also put names to the eyeshadows in this particular palette as well as in the Sparkle palette, which is kinda neat.

Some shades tend to be more crumbly than others, causing some fall-out, but they are all undeniably  pigmented.

I can't be sure, but Noir (simply translated as Black) seems to be a repeated shade throughout all palettes. It is your most basic black. My other sleek palettes also have a black shade in each and every one of them, and though the eyeshadows are not labelled, I take it that it's Noir.

Intoxicated and Envy are greens. Envy particularly swatched very dark. I was most surprised with Obnoxious though. It's like this pretty violet blue shade when you look at it, but it swatched like a weird blue on my hand and it looks like it stains.

Sparkle palette, limited edition, can't find it on the website anymore. Every shade, except for Noir, Gold Ribbon and Tinsel, is loaded with sparkles, some more than others.

I didn't know of the existence of the Curious palette until Kas told me about it. Googled it, saw it, ordered it and don't regret getting it cos it's so pretty. Pigmentation is top-notch and the colours are really wearable. I especially love the 3rd and 5th on the top row and the 4th on the bottom row (see how much harder it is to identify something with no name?)

So now I have 6 sleek palettes in all. Me loves all of them!

If you wanna see the other three palettes that I've swatched, click here. They're part of the permanent line, so if you wanna get them, you won't have to search high and low for them.

November 30, 2010

collective haul: MAC A Tartan Tale, MAC Venomous Villains, MAC Viva Glam, Urban Decay, Sleek, nars

OK I'm sorry to be posting so many hauls. You must think I've gone crazy to be hauling like there's no tomorrow. But no, I didn't buy all of this at the same time. I'm just really really backlogged on my posts and this is just an entry for me to keep track.

Urban Decay NYC Book Of Shadows Vol III needs no introduction. Got it at 20% off from a beauty.com spree.

Nars Rajasthan duo, also 20% off at beauty.com

Sleek Bad Girl palette

MAC A Tartan Tale powder blush in My Highland Honey and Her Blooming Cheek

MAC Pearlglide eyeliner in Black Swan and Lord It Up

Viva Glam Lipglass in Gaga and Cyndi

MAC Venomous Villains powder blush in Darkly My Dear

MAC Venomous Villains beauty powder in Briar Rose and Her Own Devices

So many new stuff in my stash..I think I'm kinda done hauling for a while. Please don't tempt me anymore.

August 10, 2010

my Sleek makeup palettes - swatches!

As requested, here are the swatches of the Sleek palettes...Very few matte colours: the black (top row 1st from left ) in the Original, a beigey-brown (top row 3rd from left) and a dark brown and black (last 2 from right) in the Storm, and another black in the Sunset palette. You can easily tell the difference from the non-shimmery look. The texture can be a bit particle-like when you first pick up the colour. I think it's because of the waffle-like texture it's pressed in. Otherwise it's really really smooth when applied.



So, are the swatches enticing you to get any?

August 08, 2010

my Sleek makeup palettes

These are the Sleek makeup palettes that I bought through Dyan's and Kas's sprees. Highly pigmented colours that need no introduction.

I originally ordered these 3 from Dyan, but due to some mix-up on Sleek's side, I was sent 1 Sunset and 2 Storm palettes. And then Kas's spree opened and I wanted to get Circus (LE palette currently on sale on Sleek makeup's website) and the Original since I didn't have it. But I kinda missed the quota for Circus and so I ended up with the Original only. And in a great turn of events, Kas picked up the extra Storm palette from me (It's great to be of help like that. hee~).

OK well check out the colours, they are so very wearable for everyday outings, be it work or play. All 3 are part of their regular line. There are 2 other palettes in their regular line called Acid and Chaos that have much brighter colours. You can take a look at the Acid and Circus (LE) palettes on Kas's entry here.

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