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April 15, 2011

May magazine freebies

I was roaming around Kinokuniya in Bugis today and came across this promo where you get a complimentary Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask with every purchase of the May issue of Simply Her. I was expecting to get the freebie on the spot, but the cashier handed me a voucher instead. Luckily, there's a Tony Moly outlet in Bugis Junction, so I happily went downstairs to collect it.

This is my first Tony Moly product, and this actually reminds me of The Face Shop Red Wine exfoliating mask. Looks the same, except that Tony Moly is a white paste while The Face Shop is a slightly pinkish paste. The (male) BA was nice and explained how to use it (luckily it's written on the container too as I would have forgotten by now! My memory is really really poor!) and he also gave me a sample of Red Appletox Honey Cream moisturiser.

I also bought the May issue of Cleo cos of the shampoo and conditioner travel-size freebie. (I've stopped my subscription for a while now cos I've not been reading them as they get delivered, and they have just been accumulating in my room. Backlog backlog!). The freebie is the new Sunsilk silky smooth and manageable range by Yuko Yamashita. You probably have seen the adverts on TV these past few days. Although I'm always sceptical about the miracles proclaimed by shampoos, no harm trying. I know my hair will never be free of frizzies unless tamed by rebonding!

That said, go grab the magazines if you're interested in the freebies! :)

Cleo retails at SGD4.40 and Simply Her at SGD4.20. (nopes, i'm not affiliated to them)

January 17, 2010

The Body Shop samples

So who knew that TBS give out samples? I dropped by TBS yesterday, wanting to buy some stuff from the original 1980s beauty classics which is now on promo, but I hesitated cos I didn't feel like spending. So while I was there sniffing away at the new scents, I was approached by a male SA. I casually asked him whether these will be permanently on the shelves from now on and he said yes. So I said, that means I don't have to buy them now right. He was like yeah. I made a face smelling the banana shampoo, and he said that the smell doesn't actually last long after washing your hair with it. And he said, would you like to have a sample? I was like, huh, what? You can give out samples? He said, well yes we do give out samples if you ask for it. And then he asked what I was interested to try. And so, I asked for the banana shampoo and conditioner as well as the ice blue shampoo. He went to take the tester bottles and poured some in sample jars that he carefully labelled with a green glittery pen no less.I thought that was neat. haha.

December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!! T'is the season to be jolly!..and to do some shopping!

Just came back from Orchard ION. First off, maybe you girls will be interested to know that Sephora's having some sale on some stuff. I don't exactly remember the prices, but it goes by color coding, like yellow sticker is 2 for $20, green sticker is buy 2 get 1 free, this kinda thing. Anyhoo, this was just for illustration, don't take my word for it cos I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of the sale advert. But if you go to Sephora, it's right at the entrance. I only got myself this set of Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner set. This was going for 2 for $20 (cheeeaapppp!!! UP: $18 each). They only had Color Keeper and Very Volumising on sale. I was tempted to get the latter as well, but since I have just rebonded and colored my hair, I chose this set. Other things on sale were Bliss products (2 for $30), HIP hair products, Sephora brand lipgloss, lipstick and nail polish, Sephora brand bath and body products, Fred Farrugia modules, Boscia blotting linens. I think that's all I can remember!.lol. More haulage and damage to my wallet was done at Bershka, Pull and Bear, MNG and Uniqlo. Weee!!

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