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July 18, 2013

Revlon Popular

I've had this polish way before it became available on our local shelves, but it was put aside for the longest time. I finally got to wear this polish the other day and omg, I am quite smitten by it. It's a very lovely shade of pink that doesn't look too weird on me and I really love it. I think I did three thinnish coats for this.

And some stamping i did with white polish and a PUEEN plate #24.

August 25, 2012

Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti and Sugar Frosting

I was at Watsons last week when I first saw that there were four new shades of Revlon lip butters being released. I was pretty sure I didn't have Tutti Frutti, but I wanted to go home to check first to be 100% sure before buying it. Besides, I thought to myself that I should be waiting for a sale to come. Sure enough, a Watsons member sale took place last Wednesday, and I hauled a couple of the new lip butters on that day. Usual retail price is $15.90, and after the 25% + 5% discount, I think it came down to ~$11.30 each. 

I bought Tutti Frutti and Sugar Frosting.

What I like about the sheerer shades of the lip butters is that I can easily apply them on the go for a hint of colour and shine, without being too careful about painting beyond my natural lip line and looking like a mess.

Check out the swatches for other shades of lip butters here.

March 10, 2012

Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Creme Brulee, Sweet Tart, Candy Apple, Red Velvet

This will be the last swatch post of the Revlon Lip Butters that I have. These were bought from a Drugstore.com spree, except for Peach Parfait which was bought locally.

February 11, 2012

Revlon lip butter in Brown Sugar, Fig Jam, Lollipop and Strawberry Shortcake

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am just gonna say that I love the Revlon lip butters. I picked another four last week at Metro at 20% off the retail price. (Promotion is still ongoing 'til 19th Feb). Unfortunately the outlet I was at didn't have Peach Parfait in stock, so it's the only one I'm missing.

Revlon Colorburst Lip butter contains a combination of mango, shea and coconut butter to naturally soothe lips and boost lip moisture by 156%.


February 03, 2012

Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie, Cherry Tart and Sugar Plum

I think that by now, all of you have seen, read about and probably already bought these lip butters from Revlon.

I bought these whilst in Hong Kong last month during the Chinese New Year week. At that time, the Revlon lip butters had not launched in Singapore yet. And so, just like in Bangkok (haul post here), I ended up choosing shades that I was comfortable with, and not necessarily shades that would not be available here since I didn't know which shades would be launched locally. Out of these three, only one can't be found here, and that's Berry Smoothie.

I love how these are so smooth and silky on the lips. They are kinda sheer, but still provide a nice touch of colour. I can't tell how long they last though, because I tend to remove lipstick before eating my meals. So on a typical week day, I would wear lipstick from the time I leave my house for work as it's the last piece of makeup I apply and that's around 8am,  til it's time to eat breakfast which is around 9am for me. And the thing is I don't usually re-apply throughout the day.

My lip butter stash stands at 5. I wanna get Peach Parfait next.



January 13, 2012

Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle and Macaroon

I chanced upon these Revlon lip butters whilst in Bangkok. There was a promo of buy 1 and get the second same item at 50% off on that day. So I bought these. The original retail price is 249 Baht each. That's about SGD10 each, which is already pretty cheap. With the promo, it averages out to SGD7.50 each. Fab deal!

There were other colours which looked really bright, so I didn't even consider them. I didn't have time to swatch them all cos I was in a rush. Also, when you have your other half standing right beside you, it's pretty stressful buying makeup cos he thinks that you already have TOO MUCH makeup at home. So I grabbed my kind of colours and that was it. Have not worn them out yet. I just opened them last night and created a dent in one of them. I always seem to be able to do that with new lipsticks.

There's a very very faint sweet smell to them. Colour looks sheer but is buildable on lips. They feel as smooth as they look. Macaroon contains some subtle shimmer.

May 01, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul: Sasa (mascaras, Revlon Custom Eyes palettes, Nicole by OPI)

Everything in this post was bought at Sasa. I was on my search for Bioderma and kept popping into Sasa stores which clearly didn't stock Bioderma. So instead, I kept coming out of the store with other things.

The price difference is astounding when compared to local Watsons' prices. Using an average exchange rate of SGD1 = HKD6, here are how much they cost after conversion.

  • Heroine Make mascara and mascara remover set HKD89 / SGD14.80 vs. local price: SGD21.90
  • Dolly Wink mascara HKD125 / SGD20.80 vs. local price: SGD29.90
  • Heavy Rotation Liquid Liner HKD69 / SGD11.50 vs. local price: SGD18.90
  • Fairy Drops mascara HKD98 / SGD16.30 vs. local price: SGD23.90
  • K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow pencil HKD109 / SGD18.15 vs. local price: SGD19.90

You can't blame me for wanting to buy so many right?

These Revlon CustomEyes palettes have not yet been released in Singapore for all I know cos I haven't seen them around. These cost HKD108 each (approx SGD18). I chose these 2 palettes in 030 Rich Temptations and 020 Naturally Glamorous because of the really nice neutral complimenting colours.

Nicole By OPI nail polishes! My very first ones! And I blame Justin Bieber for these. LOL.

Nicole By OPI polishes are sold locally at selected Watsons. I've personally not seen them but I believe they cost more than SGD16? (edit: the exact price is SGD17.10. Thanks dearshopaholic!) In comparison, in Hong Kong, each one costs HKD75 / SGD12.50.

The One Less Lonely Girl collection, inspired by Justin Bieber, has 14 shades. "The collection is helping Justin raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit organization close to Justin’s heart, called Pencils of Promise (PoP). PoP helps to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. Justin has joined together with PoP to build 100 schools for children around the world with the help of young people everywhere."

I bought 3 of the 14 shades. I wasn't even sure if they had all the shades available but these were the ones that struck me most.

Make U Smile

I've Got Bieber Fever

My Lifesaver

This one doesn't belong to the Justin Bieber collection. Named Bring On The Tinsel, it sounds more like it was from the Holiday collection.

A nail fortifier because my nails kept breaking and splitting and I was getting desperate. They seem to be getting better, but one nail has still not recovered. It's too short and too ugly for now, and that's why I haven't swatched these polishes yet. Will do so in time to come if anybody's interested.

So this wraps up my Sasa haul!


April 29, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul preview

Just some preview pics of what I hauled last week when I was in Hong Kong for a quick break.

Makeup stuff:

Non makeup stuff:

August 12, 2010

Orly Country Club Khaki, Revlon Gray Suede, OPI Tickle My France-y swatches

I received Orly's Country Club Khaki (CCK) in the mail yesterday together with a few others that I bought online recently (yeah I had trouble resisting). I'll probably be doing a nail polish haul entry this weekend/coming week after collecting my TD and OPI loots from Gwen and Kim/Pris respectively. Yes to more polishes! I'm amassing more than I can ever finish using, but these small bottles of colour are addictive and I'm happy to have them.

Anyway, for this entry, I wanted to compare CCK with a couple of similar colours from my current stash: Revlon Gray Suede (recently bought from JL's 20% off sale) and OPI Tickle My France-y (bought second-hand). Oh, I added Orly Coffee Break as a fourth colour just cos I wanted to paint one more finger, not really as a means of comparison. So you can ignore that one if you'd like. LOL. Here we go!

Orly CCK is the darkest amongst them, almost kinda taupish. This was one thick coat, I can't remember if I painted a second coat. Nah I don't think I did.

Revlon Gray Suede, which is nowhere near gray, has a pink tone to it and contains subtle shimmers. That was 2 coats.

OPI TMF is the lightest shade of them all, but considered as one of the best nudes around. Two coats.

Here's how they look like under different lighting conditions:

Best colour match

Which one's your favourite nude?

July 24, 2010

Revlon Minted and China Glaze Re-fresh Mint swatch

Hello! I'm a bit late in posting this entry, but I've been busy with work lately. Anyway, I received Revlon's Minted through the mail after winning lovely Sophia's giveaway last week. She also had the generosity of including a bottle of glitter polish which I believe she bought during her recent trip to Hong Kong (Thank you Soph!). I wore them both the very next day and this is what it looked like. Pardon the lighting in this pic, it was taken at night with my phone's camera, but you can imagine it to be a really nice pastel green shade.

Sophia made an entry on possible dupes in her stash and the closest she had was Essie Mint Candy Apple. Well, I was reminded of another close shade that I have in my stash, that is China Glaze Re-fresh Mint.

Check it out! It's almost impossible to tell them apart right? So which is which?

Yup, bet you couldn't tell. So there you have it. If you have either one in your collection, you don't necessarily need the other, unless of course, if you absolutely want both. They're pretty close dupes. Application-wise, I prefer China Glaze, creamy and smooth, 2 coats is enough to achieve true color. I found Revlon a bit streaky to apply. That was 3 coats.

Edit: On closer inspection, Minted is a bit greener, and Re-fresh Mint a bit "milkier". But it's not very noticeable. lol.

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