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June 14, 2010

questionables: odo black head off stick

This is not really a review, just a random entry on a product that's been hanging around on my bathroom shelf for a while now and has turned invisible to my eyes even though it's there. I bought this quite long ago (you can still find it at Watsons and they also have a lime green tube which is a milder version of this one) and it's one of those products that I can't be sure of in terms of efficacy. I bought it cos it sounded promising and easy to use.

It looks like a lip balm stick, and instead of applying it on your lips, you apply it onto your face. The instructions are in japanese, and I lost the translated instruction sheet long ago, but I guess it's fool-proof enough to understand how to use. Basically, you just need to rub off the product on congested areas where you have blackheads and they're supposed to come off or something. Yep, as simple as that.

I rubbed it over my right jawline and cheek area, and it produced tons of flaky stuff with each stroke of the product against my skin. I thought well, obviously it would come off when rubbed, it doesn't mean that it's working, it could just be the product getting used up, so it wouldn't matter where i rubbed, right?

Well..noo. Cos I rubbed it over my forehead (excuse the immensity of my pores there) and nothing came off. I also tried my nose and it didn't work there either. It merely smoothened out my skin and made it look matte.

So what's my conclusion? For one, it's not something I'd buy again (it wasn't exactly cheap if I recall). I bought it merely out of curiosity. I think there are tons of other products out there what would work towards this same end, and might be more effective. Has anybody else tried this?

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