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February 15, 2011

MAC private sale 2011

I wanna start by saying a big thank you again to Kimberley for giving me a ticket to the sale. It wasn't as mad as last year, but it was fun fun fun just cos this year I spent time with Amy (thank you for the hashbrown and the Toggi) and Kas (thank you for....erm..fanning a lot of the time and providing the laughs, but not so much for the bullying...kidding!), and met up with/saw so many onsugarettes gathered at the same place!! LOL. Old faces, new faces, I was happy to have seen you all.

I'm glad I didn't spend as much as last year. Thank goodness really! I think I would have had a real heart attack this time round. I even put back quite a few things as I sorting through my bag while queueing for payment.

Hauled a few sets which offer the best value by far and CP-ed stuff for Kimberly (the one without the "e") too (not pictured).

My loot:

  • MAC Look In A Box Frisky Girl (Mercurial mineralize eyeshadow, Well Dressed powder blush, Pretty Baby beauty powder, Nymphette, Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara)
  • MAC Look In A Box Miss Violet (Lovestone mineralize eyeshadow, Desert Rose powder blush, Rose beauty powder, Lovechild lipglass, Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara)
  • The Swinging Violets Mineralize Kit (Blitz & Glitz fluidline, Teal pigment, mini Zoom Lash mascara, 209SE brush)
  • 6 Twists of Tartan Eye Shadows
  • 6 Beauties Play It Cool Eye Shadows
  • 6 Reelers & Rockers Eye Shadows
  • Noble Knights Lash & Line Eye Bag (Earthly Riches mineralize eyeshadow, Bare Study painpot, Icescape lipglass, mini Zoom Lash mascara)
  • MAC Venomous Villains Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun
  • Mineralize Blush in The Soft Meow
  • Eye Shadows in Semi-Precious, Glamora Castle, Follow Your Fantasy, Enviably Fun, A Wish Come True, Hot Hot Hot, Vainglorious, Pink  Split
  • Dazzleglass Creme in Lightly Prancing, Passing Fancy
  • Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black
  • Nail Lacquer in Style Clan, Sly As A Fox, Imperial Flower

April 17, 2010

MAC private sale loot and experience

So many MAC private sale posts have been popping up since yesterday and it's been fun for me to see what others have managed to grab and what I missed out on. For those of you out there who are curious to see what I got, here it is! My receipt was 22" (56cm) long. Can you imagine that? That's as long as the distance from my armpit to the middle of my hand. The receipt also states 47 items, but I think I counted 48. Not sure what got missed out. Anyways, on with the pics. I haven't had time to swatch. Sorry! It would have taken me even longer to get this post up. Might do a separate post later on.

Here's everything from the plastic bag onto the floor. Woahhh! lol. I'm amazed at the amount myself.

Categorized and more orderly. Are you counting how many items there are? It's really 48 right? I counted a few times to make sure.

Let's start with detailed pics.

Suntints. L-R: Pink Tinge, Lilt of Lily, Moist Plum, Just a Smidge.

Shadesticks. Nurture, Warm & Cozy, Relaxed, Red Velvet, Cuddle

Nail lacquers. L-R top row: Dry Martini, Dim The Lights, Dance All Night, Lucky Number,

L-R second row: $$$$$ Yes, Rich Dark Delicious, Violet Fire.

I remember there was also Blissed Out and Baby Goth Girl (saw it on the table and totally forgot to grab it! Arghh), plus another light shade that I skipped.

Solar Bits pigment clusters. Bronzescape and Scatterrays

Bronzescape from Michelle (icefrost) who I think had 2 in her bag, and Scatterrays was picked up randomly while queuing up to pay. Someone must have decided not to buy it on the way to the cashier.

Eye Shadow. L-R top row: Violet Trance, Purple Shower, Maira's Magic, Ego

L-R second row: Crest The Wave, Off The Page, Haunting, Strike A Pose (have 2 of these, passing one to a friend!)

L-R third row: Buckwheat (have one more cos I loved the shade when I saw it), Smoke & Diamonds (should have grabbed one more!), Chamomile

(And Gwenned got the last piece of Unbasic White!)

Mineralize Eye Shadow in Odd Bits

Eye Shadow quad. In the Gallery. I was disappointed that they only had this.

Holiday eye shadow palettes in Smoke & Mirrors, Sorceress, Devil May Dare, Mystic Cool

Holiday Face Kit in Hocus Focus

Baroque Boudoir lipgloss and lipstick. L-R: Preciousness, D'Nouveau, Treasured

Love the packaging for this one. There was another Baroque Boudoir lipgloss called Lap of Luxury but didn't manage to pick that one up.

Molasses Pearglide eye liner (skipped Feline and technakohl liners)

Greasepaint stick in V from DSquared collection.

Dazzleglass in Jingle Jangle

Dazzleglass Creme in Creme Allure

Lipglass in Crazy Haute

Not pictured: Cheeky Bronze MSF and Style Demon mineralize blush which I already have and thought of passing to my friend.

Totally disappointed at not getting any blush/MSF for myself cos whatever I saw on the table, I already have (Cheeky Bronze, Sunny By Nature, Porcelain Pink - apparently that was gone in a jiffy cos I didn't even see it, Notable, The Perfect Cheek, Conjure Up).

Haul aside, the experience was indeed one of a kind. I woke up at 6am that day to get ready and I met up with some onsugarettes at Clarke Quay MRT. Gwen (Gwenned) was the first one there. I had never met her before but I recognized her straight away. I stood not too far from where she was standing but didn't dare say hi first. I texted Michelle (icefrost) who hadn't arrived yet to ask her to text Gwen to see whether there was a girl next to her dressed in a green top. Soon after, Gwen turned to me and said hello. I thought the situation was pretty funny. Later on, Michelle joined us, followed by Joanna (MissJology) and her friends (Hydaia and Suzanne) and lastly Dyan (deardyan), after which we made our way to Merchant Court. There was already a queue forming when we got there, but we didn't have too bad a spot. We all managed to get through the door together. Ahead in the queue I saw Diana (adorebeauty06), Sarah (facesbysarah) and Kas (cocomotion). and also met Kim (rainyydays). So many faces I was seeing for the first time. :)

Inside the room, it was utter chaos. The place was so super crowded (cos the space allocated for MAC was small in the first place I suppose) and sometimes there was no way to move at all. It was like being in a mosh pit at a rock concert. Once I got to the table, my tactic was to move along the table. So I moved from the nail polish, to the pigments, to the blush/MSF, to the pencils/shadesticks, to the eyeshadows, to the lipsticks/lipglass and lastly to the holiday sets. During all this time, at each station, I would sometimes take a look over my shoulder to see if I recognized any faces and if I did, or if anybody asked for help, I would pick stuff from the table and pass to the back. By the time I got out of the madness, I was hot and sweaty. Wanted to get something from Origins, but was put back everything I had chosen.

Somehow, Michelle, Gwen and I always managed to find each other, and so we stuck together, helping each other sort through our finds and decide what to keep and what to return to the table. Michelle was the first to pay, followed by Gwen, as they paid cash, and I was the last to go. Yesterday, I had aching legs and today I have a sore shoulder. But would I wanna do it again? Hell yes! Bring it on! haha.

April 17, 2010

MAC private sale loot preview

Although this looks like a lot, I wish I had MOREEEEE!

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