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August 21, 2010

Nail Foiling - 2nd attempt

Does anybody remember this entry posted more than a week ago? It was about my first attempt at foiling and the result that ensued, namely this disaster. Eeeps!

Well, I gave foiling another try tonight and I am somewhat pleased with the result. It's not perfect, but it's such a big improvement compared to my first try.

I had Color Club With Abandon as manicure today and decided to foil over it using Opal Swirl. (Kim -ladeekim- has been wanting to see how it looks like.)

Opal Swirl by itself is transparent-looking and looks a bit blah, but under the light you can kinda see the purple and green swirls. The first time I tried it was on the same orange background as in the picture above and the purple and green swirls were not dead-on apparent, but could only be seen at certain angles when the light reflected on the design. But over a dark background (CC With Abandon is black with gold shimmer), the green and purple swirls come alive and really show, and the result is so pretty!

I foiled both my hands just now. It was so easy (now I dare to say. lol) and then I applied a top coat. As recommended by Kim, I'm using a normal top coat, the one from TFS (blue colour liquid), but I still notice that the foil crinkles slightly and is not as smooth as without a top coat. The pictures below are without top coat on. I don't know if this will last me the whole day tomorrow though. I think foils can easily get scratched off. Not sure how much the top coat helps.

I now wonder if I'll be able to get similar results with the other foils I have.

So has anybody else tried again and had satisfactory results the second time round? Tips on making it last?

August 08, 2010

Nail Foiling - or my failed attempt at it

I ordered these foils from Kim sooo long ago, but only managed to collect them from her last week. What tempted me into getting these was how easy she made it look to use (watch her vid here if you haven't seen them yet), and I thought, why not try something new? It looked simple enough, apply glue, let it dry, apply foil, take it off and voila, blinged-up and pretty nails with almost zero effort. Muahahaha! Boy was I mistaken because my first attempt was an epic fail. You shall see soon. First, let's look at the designs that I chose to get. Each costs USD1 and a set of 6 comes with a bottle of glue.


BUT here's why I said foiling my nails was an EPIC FAIL. LOL. There were so many bald spots and streaks everywhere on the first transfer, and when I tried to go over the bald spots to cover them up, it would get all smudgy and sometimes won't stick again. I guess I should have tried applying glue over the bald spots and foil over them again, but couldn't be bothered at that point. AND I know that I should have been matching the foil to a similar base colour so as to make the bald spots less obvious, but I was just testing out the transfer of the foils and my base colour was whatever I had on that day cos I was planning to remove it anyway. Orange was really not the best colour in this case cos it showed off all the flaws. LOL. The only design that I kinda got right was Opal Swirl. It's almost transparent and the design would only show up at certain angles. I don't have a picture of that unfortunately cos it was so hard to capture. Well, I think I'll need to try foiling again sometime soon. Must not be discouraged (somehow, I'm thinking of my Konad set at this very moment). I might finish up all the foils trying to get better at it though. Haha. Who else has tried? Was it any good for you?

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