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September 12, 2011

Product Highlight: Clarins HydraQuench range - Bi-Phase Serum, Cream Melt & Cream Gel

Clarins launched the HydraQuench range at the end of August and this range consists of:

  • Bi-Phase Serum - $94 (30ml)
  • Cream Melt - $83 (50ml)
  • Cream Gel - $83 (50ml)

On Earth as in skin, life and beauty are born from water. The diagram below shows you the ideal water levels in the skin. As you can see, the highest percentage lies in the deeper layer of the skin. It shows that the quality of the water reservoir found down below is as important as the capacity of the other levels to absorb and retain water.

The HydraQuench range, inspired by nature, has been formulated for optimal hydration at all skin levels, all day long, for each skin type.

At all skin levels

Soft, radiant skin depends first and foremost on the dermal water supply that flows to the epidermis and corneal layer. By helping to replenish the water reservoir in the dermis, HydraQuench skin care acts on the source of all skin levels' hydration.

All day long

To ensure stable skin hydration, a certain amount of water from the dermis must be sealed into the upper layers of the epidermis. By strengthening the barrier capacity of the corneal layer and hydrolipidic film (the skin's natural protective barrier) to prevent excessive water evaporation, HydraQuench skin care ensures long-lasting hydration regardless of surrounding pollution, stress or climate conditions.

For each skin type

Thanks to a bi-phase serum easily absorbed by the body, HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase helps restore even the most dehydrated skin. Intensive hydration is further re-inforced by complementary HydraQuench skin care. They also satisfy the specific needs of combination and dry skin types and are perfectly adaptable to Asian beauty routines.

The active ingredients present in the HydraQuench products are: Hyaluronic acid and Katafray extract.

Hyaluronic acid is no stranger in hydrating skin care. It is like a sponge that can retain several times its weight in water. The hyaluronic acid complex formulated by Clarins Research is obtained from wheat and is easily absorbed by the body. It is made up of two types: one with a high molecular weight (hMW to prevent excessive evaporation of water on the skin surface and keep hydration levels optimal) and one with a low molecular weight (lMW to replenish the dermal reservoir).

Katafray extract is taken from the bark of a tree found in Madagascar. The Katafray wood is widely used in construction, in local medicine as well as beauty rituals of Madagascan women who use it as a mask. Katafray has been shown to promote the expression of filaggrin - a protein found in epidermal cells that boosts the barrier function of the corneal layer - and also plays a role in the formation of NMFs (natural moisturizing factors which help to capture and retain water in cells in the corneal layer).

Developed exclusively for Clarins, katafray bark extract is part of a fair trade and sustainable development programme.

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

This serum improves hydration on 4 levels: surface skin, corneal layer, epidermis and dermis. To restore skin's capacity to retain water, the formula includes two other specific ingredients: inca peanut extract (to restore the hydrolipidic film which is the skin's natural protective barrier) and chondrus crispus extract (an algae to boost supply and retention of water in dehydrated cells in the epidermis).

The serum not only hydrates at all skin levels but also revives skin radiance with the help of sorbier bud extract.

The serum is made up of 1/5 of an oil phase (the upper part) and 4/5 of a water phase (the lower part).

After the bottle is shaken, the two phases combine.

The serum looks slightly blue-ish in colour when you pump it out. It is very light and has a very light floral powdery smell - I really don't know how to describe it, but it has a very comforting fragrance to it. It doesn't leave any oily film on the skin's surface and is very easily absorbed.

A study has shown that applying Intensive Serum Bi-Phase before HydraQuench Cream increases hydration effectiveness by 33.6% compared to when only the cream is applied. It is thus an effective booster for subsequent application of skin care.

HydraQuench Cream-Melt

Suitable for all skin types, the HydraQuench Cream-Melt is non-oily, refreshing and has a soft texture that delivers the comfort of a cream with the lightness of a lotion. It leaves a silky powdered film that illuminates the complexion. This product also contains sorbier bud extract to stimulate microcirculation to reveal fresh, radiant, younger-looking skin. Clarins patented Anti-Pollution Complex also ensures global protection against the harmful effects of modern day pollution.

HydraQuench Cream-Gel

Suitable for normal to combination skin, the HydraQuench Cream-Gel has an immediate "cooling" effect for a cream that transforms into water on contact with the skin. It is rich in pomegranate and alpine willow herb extracts to tighten pores, control sebum production and deliver a long-lasting matte effect.

As with the Cream-Melt, it contains sorbier bud extract to promote skin radiance and strengthen blood vessels, as well as Clarins patented Anti-Pollution Complex to protect against free radicals.

At first glance, you can kind of tell the difference between the Cream-Gel and the Cream-Melt. The former looks light and has a more transparent consistency, while the latter looks creamier.

When spread out, the Cream-Gel turns almost fluid and dissolves into the skin, while it takes a wee bit longer for the Cream-Melt to sink in. Both have this really nice fragrance that is very soothing, which I really like. The Cream-Gel indeed has a matte finish as compared to the Cream-Melt. The latter feels richer and heavier just because of its creamy texture and makes the skin feel "stickier".

I have started using the HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase every morning and night, and I am alternating the Cream-Melt and Cream-Gel at night only, as I am trying to finish up my current moisturizer. I think the serum is already starting to help with my dehydrated skin as it feels more plump these days and the fine lines are not so prominent. I am hoping to see more improvement as time goes by.

For more information about the Clarins HydraQuench range, please visit the microsite here.

DISCLAIMER: All products in this entry were provided to me by Clarins for consideration. I wasn't paid to do this and I'm not affiliated to Clarins in any way. Opinions expressed here are my own.

May 15, 2011

Product Highlight: Clarins Extra-Firming Body Lotion

May 2011 is seeing the launch of new Clarins body care products: the Extra-Firming Body Lotion and Extra-Firming Body Cream, both of which retail at SGD102 each for 200ml.

Clarins Research has formulated a new approach to skin care with the introduction of Emilin-1 in the new Extra-Firming Body Lotion and Cream.

Some background on how Emilin-1 came about...

The dermis (the support layer below the skin) is made up mainly of collagen and elastic fibres. Collagen fibres represent 70% of protein fibres and are a major compenent in the dermis. They are stiff and rigid and provide the skin with density to help it resist the effects of traction and pressure. Elastic fibres, on the other hand, are less in number and are finer. They allow the skin to stretch out and return to its initial position.

As life progresses, our skin loses its density and elasticity due to numerous factors such as variations in weight, age, pregnancy and UV exposure. Elastic fibres hardly renew once adult age has been reached. The renewal rate of the dermal fibres slows down.

Where typical firming skin care focus mainly on collagen fibres that protect skin density and tone, Clarins Research has found a way of protecting the elastic fibres by introducing Emilin-1, a plant extract from lemon thyme. Emilin-1 is a key protein in the elasticity network that ensures the healthy organization of dermal fibres. This protein also helps consolidate dermal architecture by encouraging the link between elastic and collagen fibres.

Other natural ingredients (and their actions) found in the Extra-Firming Body Lotion and Cream:

And so in summary,

One squeeze of the tube results in this blob of lotion. You can, of course, squeeze out more if you intend to use it on different parts of your body. For me, this amount is enough to apply over one whole leg. Directions are to apply morning and/or evening, concentrating on thighs, abdomen, bust and inner arms, basically areas where flabbiness tends to occur. I wasn't able to place the fragrance of the lotion when I first used it, but found it rather pleasant and not too overpowering. It is described as a subtle floral fragrance with woody notes, and think of it now, it's slightly citrussy too (lemon thyme, duh!). It looks thick and creamy, but smooths and glides onto the skin very easily. However, it feels a tad bit "greasy" at first as it takes some time to be completely absorbed.

Firmer and younger-looking skin doesn't happen overnight, but every little bit helps, yes? Get to know more about the Extra-Firming Body Lotion from the microsite here.

DISCLAIMER: All products in this entry were sent to me by Clarins for consideration. I wasn't paid to do this and I'm not affiliated to Clarins in any way. Opinions expressed here are my own.

December 06, 2009

Benefit Bathina "touch me then try to leave"...cream

I remembered I had this body cream only yesterday. How is that possible you ask? Haha. Well, I had originally bought this online as a set which consists of the body cream, body balm and shower cap, and the box set was stashed under a pile of paperbags. So it was only yesterday that the box caught my attention. I smeared it onto my legs after my bath and the smell was so amazingly divine and sensual. It really does live up to its name. Loves.

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