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July 27, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creature collection haul

This is my haul from MAC's Heavenly Creature collection. I only bought cheek products although I was very tempted by the eyeshadows too. But after calculating how much it would cost if I added them to my bill, I decided not to get them, pretty as they are.

Swatching the products in person made my decision easier as to what to get. I skipped Center of the Universe MSF and Earthshine MSF as they were too dark and bronzey for my skin. As for the mineralize blush, I skipped Solar Ray (very very pretty peach and gold, but too much shimmer for my liking) and Stratus (too dark).

So these are joining my mineralize collection.

Star Wonder MSF (Plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments)

Light Year MSF (Peachy pink with gold shimmer)

Ring Of Saturn mineralize blush (Terracotta and gold melange)

Supernova mineralize blush (Magenta and burnished gold)


February 15, 2012

MAC Mineralize blush in Early Morning (MAC Naturally collection)

This mineralize blush in Early Morning is the only item I picked from the MAC Naturally collection. It is described as a peachy pink. On me, I thought it looked more orangey than peachy. I am particularly liking this one because it is matte. It is very smooth, somewhat powdery, but doesn't contain the glitter and frostiness of previously released mineralized blushes. The only other two mineralize blushes that I have in my stash that are also non-glittery are those from MAC Semi-Precious collection: Pressed Amber and Warmth Of Coral. I realize that I did not do a haul post on that collection. That was more than half a year ago. Oops.

March 06, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous haul

Oh nooooo!! I hauled! I know I know, this is not the reaction I would/should normally have after hauling. It's just that I'm trying hard not to haul anymore. I seriously have to stop, but how to with all the collections that MAC seems to be launching non-stop.

I went to Sephora first to use up my SGD40 voucher as it was expiring today. First thing I did when I stepped into Sephora was to head to the MAC counter to swatch the mineralize blush duos from the Too Fab collection. As reported by a few onsugarettes, they were all very shimmery. Half my brain was telling me not to get any, the other half was admiring the swatches and already contemplating which ones to get. LoL. I liked a few straight away cos they were very wearable colours, like Bi-Tone (Rose pink/copper bronze) and Sun And Moon (Neutral brown/pink brown). I then snapped out of my dreaminess. I had a mission to complete and so I headed to the Too Faced counter to swatch the leopard bronzer. I found the tester a bit icky, almost hitting pan with powder everywhere. I swiped my finger and it was kinda flaky, swatched it on my hand and found it shimmery, though I don't know if it was from the blush swatches. All mixed up. Haha. Anyway, decided not to get it, and went to swatch Sephora pencils instead. I already own a few of the waterproof flashy liners (pink, copper, brown and black) and love them cos they're creamy and smooth. I ended up with 2 electro liners (electro marine and electro night - SGD14 each) and 1 flashy liner (flashy blue - SGD12). Total came up to exactly SGD40, so I didn't need to top up a single cent. That was kinda satisfying!

I then headed to Tangs cos I wanted to have a look at the blushers again and I did another round of swatching. The lighting wasn't that good over there and I had to move away every time to find an angle where I could see the colour properly. With so much activity going on my part, the SA quickly approached me and told me to get those that I wanted now cos they'd run out of them fast. And the next moment, I was telling her, "OK, I want this, this and this".LoL. It's not that she convinced me to buy them by saying what she said, I guess subconsciously I knew that I'd get at least one no matter how much I wanted not to spend money. Seriously, these pictures had me at hello the first time I saw the sneak peek photos on musingsofamuse.

(photo credits to musingsofamuse)

Here are the ones I bought.

Clockwise: Bi-Tone Rose pink/copper bronze, Buddy Up Dirty rose/neutral yellow pink, Sun & Moon Neutral brown/pink brown, Chic Couple Light yellow brown/dark peach.

The ones I missed out are Rhapsody in Two Light pale pink/pale peach (reminds me of Moon River) and Two Virtues Light blue pink/light violet.

Buddy Up was a last minute addition to my haul. I had asked for the other 3 first and lastly asked to add Buddy Up to the list cos the swatch came off very pretty and rosy. Now that I'm looking at my Buddy Up, I find the proportion of pink bigger than the rose part whereas the one I swatched at the counter had more rose than pink. Now I wonder if it will turn out too pinky instead.

Swatches at:




Lastly, I managed to grab a copy of L'Officiel magazine WITH the quad included. (I was telling heavenlygorgeous about my fruitless searches for the quad cos some places sell the magazine without the quad, don't ask me why cos I'd also like to know). I got no3-chocolate plum. Not bad.

So this is it for today. Hope this was a fun read.

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