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June 16, 2011

NOTD Dotty Pinks with LA Girl Matte Coral and Matte Baby Pink

Just did an alternate pink mani with a couple of LA Girl matte polishes that have been lying neglected in my stash. It's my first time using a dotting tool. You can clearly see my inexperience by the irregularity of the dots. Haha.

Left hand:

Right hand:

November 23, 2009

NOTW (OPI Russian Navy matte)

Wore OPI Russian Navy matte today. Looks almost black. People at work are always like "eee..why you like to wear such dark colours one?" whenever i wear a dark colour. But who cares really? I don't have to wear princess pink everyday to please you. Anyways, just like the suede colour, it dries fast, chips easily, staying power is like 1-2 days.

November 20, 2009

my first OPIs!!

So I just got myself some OPI from ebay. Pretty cheap at S$12 each compared to like S$20++ in the dept store. And it came with free shipping too.

So what did i get? From L-R (colours are kinda bright cos of the camera flash):

You Don't Know Jacques

You Don't Know Jacques Suede (much raved by retail_therapy)

Ink Suede

Russian Navy Matte

And I'm wearing Ink Suede in that pic. Ooh so pretty. I love the texture. It dries super duper fast upon application, so much so that I have the impression that the nail polish is gonna get all clumpy very fast in the bottle. Although it says not to apply any top coat or whatsoever, I've seen pics online where they have and the top coat makes the polish look all shiny. I guess you no longer have the suede feel and look once there's a top coat. Well, I'll try that next time and see how it goes.

Oh and dare i say this? Last night, I made another order for NARS. I'm not going anywhere near that website again for a long time. TOTAL BAN OK? I think I'm gonna have enough of it when they all get delivered. I can hear you all say, mad lah this girl. What to do, I'm a hoarder and a shopaholic.

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