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January 12, 2012

mini nars haul from Bangkok (Kalahari duo & Madison Avenue eyeliner)

I went to Bangkok for a very short break last week. I left on Thursday and came back on Saturday. The main order of business was to attend my cousin's wedding and that took the whole of Friday. My schedule was really cramped. I only had some time to walk around on my first day and last day there. I made a quick trip to Central World, a really big mall much like ION/Vivocity, which houses Isetan and Zen departmental stores. (Central World was previously known as World Trade Center but was set on fire in 2010 during the anti-government riots that happened in Thailand).

I CP-ed some Suqqu from Isetan but didn't get anything for myself there. Zen dept store had just re-opened and it was nice to see beauty counters like MUFE, Smashbox, The Balm, nars amongst the usual fare of Chanel, Dior, Biotherm, Shu etc that we have in Singapore. However, time was precious and I didn't have time to browse much since I was in a hurry. With only about a couple of hours to spare before leaving for the airport, I also wanted to check out Platinum Fashion Mall which is across the road from Central World. I have heard quite a bit about Platinum and it would have been a crime not to take a look at the floors of clothes, shoes, bags that it has. Someone told me that it's like a blogshop heaven and indeed it almost is. Buy more pieces and get wholesale prices too. I ended up buying a dress, a shirt and 2 clutches.

Back to the point of this post. Where did I buy my nars from? Well, it was at the airport. I spotted a nars counter from afar and my feet immediately brought me there. Not that I had anything in mind to buy, but i just wanted to check out what they had. And this is what I left with: an eyeshadow duo in Kalahari and a Larger Than Life long-wear eyeliner in Madison Avenue.

I don't know why the 2 colours are looking so similar in the picture. The one on the right is definitely a darker shade than the one on the left.

Kalahari: Gold Confection/Sugared Cocoa. Super lovely neutral duo that instantly caught my eye on the display. I swatched it and I was like, I need to have this.

Swatches of Kalahari and Madison Ave:

Madison Avenue is a slate grey shade.

Comparison swatch of Nars Madison Avenue next to MAC Engraved and MAC Grey Utility.

The lady showed me the built-in sharpener that comes with the Larger Than Life pencil. Pretty nifty thing there.

May 02, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul: Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation & Luminous Pressed Powder

I bought this Burberry set from Facesss at Harbour City. Truth be told, although it was my third time in Hong Kong, it was my first time visiting Harbour City in Tsimshatsui. It's a humongous mall and I don't know how I could have missed it. Well, I'm not a shopping expert in Hong Kong. Besides my previous trips in HK were not really shopping trips per se.

Well, that day, I had gone to Facesss on a mission (to find a nars eyeshadow duo for a certain someone, which turned out to be OOS). And as I was walking along, I was approached by the Burberry BA. OK, let's just say I made it easy for her to approach me cos I had stopped at the counter to look at the stuff. 15 minutes later, I was done getting matched and getting my credit card swiped.

This set consists of a Burberry pouch, very big and roomy with two zipped compartments and a handle on the side that makes it easy to carry (a bit like those shoe bags for the gym).

  • Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No.03
  • Burberry Sheer Luminous Pressed Powder in Porcelain No.01
  • Burberry Brush No.03

Brush No. 3 (Made in France)

Description from Burberry.com

  • Burberry Luminous Fluid Foundation gives the skin a natural fresh radiance
  • The lightweight formula allows optimum light diffusion for a naturally luminous complexion
  • Fluid foundation that hydrates the skin whilst providing long lasting coverage
  • Gently shake the bottle before use
  • Massage across the face like a moisturiser for simple application or for maximum, long lasting flawless coverage apply with a sponge

First, I had so much trouble with the pump the first time. Pumped more than 20 times and still nothing was coming out. So I unscrewed the pump and dished out some foundation with a brush. Later that night, after I came back home, I tried again, and to my relief, the pump finally worked. I would have been so annoyed if I had gotten a faulty pump.

But won't you agree that it's a gorgeous bottle?

The pump can be locked, a nice feature to have to avoid unexpected accidents.

I found the consistency of the foundation to be slightly thicker than most liquid foundations (see how it holds on its own and doesn't run), but I had no trouble blending it in with my fingers. It has a certain powdery floral scent to it, much like the Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation, but it doesn't really bother me and so, I don't pay attention to it after a while. The coverage is medium and it makes my face slightly matte at first (I do oil up after a few hours).

On my first day of wearing this, I looked into the mirror and had the same reaction as the first time I wore my Clarins Hydra Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation. My complexion looked brighter and glowy. It's as if it made my skin look better than it really is. It does however oxidize a little bit as the day goes by. Despite all the luminance it provided at first, I found myself looking slightly darker at the end of the day.

Description from Burberry.com

  • Burberry Luminous Pressed Powder absorbs excess shine and gives a sheer satin finish
  • Absorbent spherical polymers and micronised powders leave the skin feeling soft, supple and shine free
  • To apply, lightly dust using the brush provided

The pressed powder compact comes in a Burberry check velvet pouch and a small brush. I almost didn't want to use the powder because of the embossed checked surface which would surely disappear after a few uses. Nevertheless, I gave it a try using the accompanying brush which I found to be very soft. It is wide enough to cover either side of my cheek and forehead with one swipe. The powder is very very fine and feels like silk on the skin. It has the same floral smell as the liquid foundation, and this might put off those of you who are allergic or who do not like scents in their products.

May 01, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow and Swatches (#02, #04, #05, #06)

I was lucky enough to have a Giorgio Armani counter at a mall called The One right next to my hotel (I stayed at The Mira in case you're interested). It was part of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar which had the usual departmental counters like Shu, Dior, Chanel, Guerlain, MAC, etc.

The first time I was there, I swatched a few shades. And when I asked for the price, I was like hmm..should I be spending so much on these? They were gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't ready..yet. The thing is, the BA told me the wrong price that day, and twice at that cos I asked again to confirm! I left empty-handed and since the mall was just next to my hotel, I had time to think and could always come back for them.

I was on whatsapp that night and asked Sophia (the makeup blogette) how much she bought hers at. She confirmed with me about the price and I thought that if they were what she had told me, I would buy them, if not, I'd leave empty-handed once again.

So yay, seeing that I bought four, it means they were cheaper than originally quoted by the first BA. These cost USD32 each and cost about the same whether in HKD or SGD after conversion. I wanted #03 that Sophia has, but apparently it's OOS everywhere.

There's this stopper in each pot, meant to press down the pigments back into place.

#02 Lust Red

#04 Pulp Fiction

#05 Gold Blitz

#06 Khaki Pulse


Superbly intense and vibrant, the colour doesn't budge much or even at all after it's set.

Water test, after a bath, the colours are still on my hand and don't look too bad still.

After intense rubbing with soap and water, they came off, but you can still see the stain the colour left.


May 01, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul: Sasa (mascaras, Revlon Custom Eyes palettes, Nicole by OPI)

Everything in this post was bought at Sasa. I was on my search for Bioderma and kept popping into Sasa stores which clearly didn't stock Bioderma. So instead, I kept coming out of the store with other things.

The price difference is astounding when compared to local Watsons' prices. Using an average exchange rate of SGD1 = HKD6, here are how much they cost after conversion.

  • Heroine Make mascara and mascara remover set HKD89 / SGD14.80 vs. local price: SGD21.90
  • Dolly Wink mascara HKD125 / SGD20.80 vs. local price: SGD29.90
  • Heavy Rotation Liquid Liner HKD69 / SGD11.50 vs. local price: SGD18.90
  • Fairy Drops mascara HKD98 / SGD16.30 vs. local price: SGD23.90
  • K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow pencil HKD109 / SGD18.15 vs. local price: SGD19.90

You can't blame me for wanting to buy so many right?

These Revlon CustomEyes palettes have not yet been released in Singapore for all I know cos I haven't seen them around. These cost HKD108 each (approx SGD18). I chose these 2 palettes in 030 Rich Temptations and 020 Naturally Glamorous because of the really nice neutral complimenting colours.

Nicole By OPI nail polishes! My very first ones! And I blame Justin Bieber for these. LOL.

Nicole By OPI polishes are sold locally at selected Watsons. I've personally not seen them but I believe they cost more than SGD16? (edit: the exact price is SGD17.10. Thanks dearshopaholic!) In comparison, in Hong Kong, each one costs HKD75 / SGD12.50.

The One Less Lonely Girl collection, inspired by Justin Bieber, has 14 shades. "The collection is helping Justin raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit organization close to Justin’s heart, called Pencils of Promise (PoP). PoP helps to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. Justin has joined together with PoP to build 100 schools for children around the world with the help of young people everywhere."

I bought 3 of the 14 shades. I wasn't even sure if they had all the shades available but these were the ones that struck me most.

Make U Smile

I've Got Bieber Fever

My Lifesaver

This one doesn't belong to the Justin Bieber collection. Named Bring On The Tinsel, it sounds more like it was from the Holiday collection.

A nail fortifier because my nails kept breaking and splitting and I was getting desperate. They seem to be getting better, but one nail has still not recovered. It's too short and too ugly for now, and that's why I haven't swatched these polishes yet. Will do so in time to come if anybody's interested.

So this wraps up my Sasa haul!


May 01, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine & Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF30 - Beige

This is how I started and ended my holidays...with some shopping at the airport! The Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lippies were selling in a predetermined set of three consisting of Liberte, Boy and Aventure. The trio is well worth the price of SGD99, as I believe one lippie costs SGD44 each.

Liberte: Sheer Apricot

Boy: Natural Rose

Aventure: Shimmering Pink

The lipstick lives up to its description of sheer and hydrating. It applies buttery smooth on the lips and feels really really moisturizing. It also has a faint scent, and at first it felt like I had perfume on my lips, but the feeling quickly faded away.

I bought this set of shu uemura UV under base mousse at the airport in Hong Kong before heading back to Singapore. Ever since seeing this product on a few blogs, I've been curious about it and just because it presented itself to me, I quickly grabbed the duo pack. It was a pretty spontaneous buy I must say.

Limited Edition by Mika Ninagawa

"Introducing a weightless makeup base that creates a sheer veil for the skin's utmost comfort. 20x lighter than other cream or makeup bases, the mousse texture allows skin to breathe freely and provides exquisite coverage with high skin proctection SPF 30."

April 29, 2011

Hong Kong holiday haul preview

Just some preview pics of what I hauled last week when I was in Hong Kong for a quick break.

Makeup stuff:

Non makeup stuff:

December 12, 2010

The story of two rings

Just a quick small entry on some accessories I have gotten of late, two rings to be exact.

The first one is the ring that I won from Roseanne's giveaway. It's a vintage daisy ring from Moiey's Whimsical Charms blogshop. It's pretty cute huh? I love the detailing! The colour of the flower is "mint" (you know like minty green? hurhur) and it's also available in lilac, pale peach, red rose, purple pink and cream. Click here to see them!


This second ring I have is from my recent trip to Taiwan. We had gone up to Jiufen, a former gold mining town up on the hills. My hubs' aunty found this small shop selling all kinds of hand-made stuff and bought a ring for herself. Later on, she showed me her ring and told me that if I wanted one, she'd buy one for me as a gift. I was like yay OK! So we went back to the shop, and there were so many other designs, and this is the one I chose. The flowers are made from swarovski crystals and they shine really nicely in the light. And see the colour? Purple! My fav! And while I was there trying on bracelets and such, I broke one and all the beads fell to the floor. Oops! Luckily we didn't have to pay for it, but I did help pick them up.


Views from up there. Very quaint. Cool and breezy. We sat at a tea house, ordered some tea and enjoyed the view.

And this is one of the things I enjoyed most up there. It was my first time eating this and I don't really know what it's called. It's ice-cream wrapped in some kind of popiah skin with shaved peanut and parsley (or is it coriander? Always get confused between those two..lol). SUPER YUMMY! I ate it twice within a couple of hours.

November 28, 2010

Taiwan and Hong Kong hauls part 2 (nars sheer glow, nars loose powder and nars blush in crazed, kate spade)

So I mentioned 2 more hauls from my trip to Taipei and Hong Kong. Well, here they are! Looking at your comments in the previous entry, some of you guessed right! Yes I bought me some NARS! Totally unexpected actually. I didn't think I'd have time to drop by SOGO, but as fate would have it, one night, we travelled to some place to have beef and dumpling noodles and there was a SOGO nearby. OK, wait, rewind that. I think I should put it another way: we had planned to go eat at this small noodle shop which is just behind SOGO (alight at Zhongxiao Fuxing train station), and if there was still time, I wanted to drop by SOGO, even if just for a little while, to swatch nars' new blush Sex Appeal. Upon coming out of the station, I was so surprised to see crowds of people hanging around outside. I didn't know what was happening, but I thought to myself, there MUST be some kind of sale going on. I started getting excited and couldn't wait to get dinner over and done with. So later on after dinner, we walked to SOGO and I was overwhelmed by the crowd inside as well. From the entrance itself, there were promoters shoving pamphlets into my face, and others approaching me to ask me whether I wanted to check out this and that brand. It was insane! I did one round with the hubs looking around everywhere in amazement, and then he decided to give up and told me to meet him at a later time. Haha! So after that, I was on my own wandering about. I must have done a few rounds collecting pamphlets and looking at the deals that were being offered.

I first went to the nars counter to do some swatching. Saw the sheer glow foundation and asked someone to match my shade. A male BA recommended me Santa Fe which I must say matched me pretty well. But I didn't buy it then and walked on. I stopped by Laura Mercier where a rather attractive male BA attended to me. Asked him about loose powder etc, but after all the explanation, he didn't quite convince me to buy from him. haha. Too bad! I also checked out the MUFE counter, but nobody paid any attention to me. Bah! So I kept on walking around and ended up at nars once again. Swatched Sex Appeal and it didn't show up on my hand at all. Someone must have seen the frown on my face and this time round, a female BA approached me. I had seen her looking at me from the corner of my eye, and she eventually did come nearer to ask me if I needed help. So I asked for a match for sheer glow once more. She matched me to Ceylan. I told her that just now, I was matched to Santa Fe. She said that it would also suit me, but as it is pinker, it would make my face more "red", while Ceylan would lighten up my skintone cos of the yellow undertone. She asked me to trust her recommendation. How could I argue with that? And so she introduced me to the offer they had for the sheer glow foundation. Here's the snapshot from the pamphlet. You get a skin milk cleanser, a sheer glow foundation and a loose powder for TWD3350. I admit I didn't go into the details of how much each costs individually and whether it would make sense to buy the set there and then. I was all set to get it since I was there at the sale and all. And if all other reasons fail, there's always the "But-I'm-holiday" tagline!

Loose powder in Eden

Sheer Glow in Ceylan. Bummer! It doesn't come with a pump!

And oh did anybody notice an extra item in the first pic? Well I bought a blush called Crazed. I really thought I didn't have it in my stash and I remembered not ever seeing it online on beauty.com or narscosmetics.com. I remembered well.

This was not part of the set, but there was still a discount on it (10% I think).

And a free gift: a mirror!

My second big buy on this trip is from...KATE SPADE. Another unexpected buy this time at Citygate Outlets in Hong Kong. Went in to have a look and oops came out with this. I tried on the canvas version first, then the sales lady told me that it also came in the full leather version and that it cost slightly more only. So I sat there, not really wanting to buy, but also wanting to buy, that kinda feeling. The hubs was like, just get it if you like it. So be it. Maybe he was just tired of waiting...

The paper bag:

The interior and bottom of the bag:

And the bag in full glory! Sorry to disappoint, but it's a boring black bag. But I like bags that will go with anything I wear. It still smells of new leather. I love the smell! I haven't used it yet. Same goes for all the nars above. I do take a while to unpack. LOL!

Hope you enjoyed this entry. :)

November 25, 2010

Taiwan and Hong Kong hauls part 1 (night markets, drugstore, lush)

It has already been over a week (ok lah, almost 2 weeks) since coming back from my short trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong, and I've just been too busy to do this haul entry earlier. But I'd better get to it before I forget.


OK so we shall start with some stuff that I bought whilst in Taiwan. The following were bought at night markets (Raohe and Shilin). I used the exchange rate of SGD1=TWD25 for easy conversion on the go, when in reality it was about TWD23.

  • Misc hairbands: all, except the middle one with the thicker braid design, cost TWD100. The middle one costs TWD40.
  • Socks: 6 pairs for TWD100 (cheap or what?)
  • Card holder: TWD100, hairclips (1 for TWD15), bun holder TWD40 (I don't know how to call that, it's something that helps you hold your hair in a bun and you can do it real fast apparently. The seller demo-ed on me and I was so impressed that I bought it, but I haven't tried it myself. Haha! But it was so cheap anyway)
  • A pair of flats (super soft and comfy): TWD199


  • Masks! These were bought at the 7-11 opposite the hotel I was staying at (Rainbow hotel which is in the heart of Ximending). There was some promo going on, 2 boxes for TWD378 (U.P. TWD199 per box). I randomly chose Japanese Cherry Blossom, Black Pearl, Mixed Berries and Q10 rejuvenating masks just cos I can't read a word of chinese and didn't really know which ones to get.

Took a few trips to Watsons and I brought back...

  • Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover (TWD299, apparently it's BOGO. I don't know how much this costs in Singapore)
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost mousse cleaner which was on sale at TWD199 (again I don't know the retail price locally).
  • Carmex in Jasmine Green Tea flavour TWD99
  • MM mascaras, each going for TWD340. And if you buy a mascara, there was a promo where you could buy the Eyes Reset Gel for only TWD99 (Bought a set for Kim too).
  • MM Skin Lingerie Pore Cover also at TWD340 I think.
  • One Lavshuca Melting Eyes quad at TWD400. My most expensive drugstore purchase! At first, I didn't wanna get it, but everytime I stepped into Watsons, I went to swatch it, so I finally gave in. They had 5 or 6 quads in this series and I bought one in OR-1. I also wanted RD-1 but it was OOS at the store I was in. The reason why you see two quads in the pic is cos I bought the other one in Hong Kong for HKD98. So I managed to get the ones I wanted in the end.


Currency conversion SGD=~HKD5. Again, I used a rough conversion rate.

  • YSL mook from the news vendor at the corner of the street from the hotel I was staying at. HKD148. I haven't opened it yet..Oops.

  • My first LUSH items! Mask Of Magnanimity (HKD109 after 30% off) and Lemony Flutter (HKD99). I was looking around the shop so hard for more stuff to buy, but couldn't decide. I thought of not getting soap bars cos I didn't trust myself to use them. So yep, that was it. Maybe next time.
  • Clinique moisture surge in travel size jars HKD50 from a shop round the corner.
  • Davidoff Cool Water HKD105 from the same shop round the corner.
  • Gosh in Purple Heart and Blue Monday HKD 78 each at Watsons.

I do still have 2 major hauls from Taipei and Hong Kong to update. Will do so in the next entry. Hehe. Anybody wanna guess what else I bought?

July 12, 2010

Back from Phuket!

Hello girls! I'm back from my mini beach getaway in Phuket and I'm bummed that I have to get back to work. It's Monday and I took the day off cos my case of the Monday Blues would have been even worse than the usual. I was so tired and needed a holiday from my holiday. Even the hubs took the morning half to sleep late today. And no we didn't even watch the World Cup finals last night.

Long wordy post..so if you're not in the mood to read, you can skip this..lol

I took an evening flight out last Wednesday. I was really apprehensive about the weather. Faezah had just come back from Phuket and she mentioned the scattered thunderstorms and rain when she was there (which was what we were having here too in Singapore). Yep, monsoon season, which is low peak season, which means cheaper tickets, which is why we decided it was a good time to go on holiday in the first place. haha....well besides the fact that we REALLY needed to get away! I was having a horrible time at work and ughhhh couldn't wait to forget things for a while.

Anyways, on the first night there, there was some light drizzle. We arrived at our resort (Patong Garden Bay resort) and checked into a temporary room for the night, after which we immediately went out to Bangla Road, which is like the most happening road around that area (think Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong or Mohamed Sultan Road in Singapore during its hey days). We had a few drinks at one of the bars/pubs lining this street and watched the ladyboys dancing on the podium. The latter honestly get more attention that the real girls dancing suggestively in skimpy outfits.

This is a typical night in Bangla Road, tons of people walking up and down the street all the time. I think we did that a dozen of times before we decided that there was nothing much to see anymore and got bored with it. There will be people trying to sell you cigarettes, wanting you to take photos with their iguanas or monkey to make a quick buck, or harassing you to go for à gogo shows, tiger shows, pingpong shows...lol..and also ladyboys will be on the streets at certain times in full cabaret costumes to promote their show and asking you to take photos with them for some money.

We went to watch them on another night. It's about an hour show where they perform, dance and lip-sync to songs. Some are really pretty and some look a bit scary still, but they're more feminine and graceful in their mannerisms than real girls. It's almost a free show, all you need to do is order a drink and sit and enjoy it. They will also walk down the aisle where you're sitting and guys especially will randomly get hugs and kisses from them. They will even come and rub themselves against you (ass and fake boobs too..lol) but it's all in good humour. They're really not shy. And well if you know that the boobs are fake, you're less prone to feeling embarrassed or shy seeing them.

This is the view from the beach. We had really good weather on all three days we were there. It was particularly sunny on the first two days and we just soaked up the sun from morning til late afternoon. The water is also nice and warm with gentle waves. I didn't tan as much as I wanted to this time. I got slightly burned on my chest though. I applied an aftersun gel and it wasn't so bad after that. You can also get aloe vera treatments on the spot from the local people who walk around the beach. They take aloe vera leaves (?) and use a comb to scrape the gooey stuff and then rub it all over your body and into your hair. It's supposed to cool your skin down and stops you from peeling. You kinda look like you've been dunked in a container full of mucus after that. haha. But it dries off and it's not so sticky afterwards.

Patong Bay Garden is really good in terms of location. Up front is the beach and at the back, just a few meters down the road is a seafood restaurant called Savoey where we ate two nights in a row (cheap and good!) and Bangla Road. There's also a big shopping mall within walking distance called Jung Ceylon, where they have Carrefour and a dept store called Robinson (somehow I don't think it's related to our local Robinsons). We also went to another shopping mall called Central Festival (which I guess you should have heard of if you've been to Bangkok before) which was pretty far away. Had to take a taxi there. But it was disappointing and not really worth the trip. I bought a pair of sandals there and that was it.

Other stuff that we tried is the street food. You can buy crepes/pancakes, fried food, corn in the afternoon and night. Patong comes alive in the late evening and night. During the day, I think it's too hot to open shop and work. Also, most tourists are at the beach, so makes more sense to work at night.

And we went for massages! How to miss getting a massage when you're in Thailand? One day it was foot massage, the next day it was full body massage. Hehe. Massage parlors are all over the place and there was one just a few steps away from the resort, so we didn't have to think much.

Just outside the resort, there's a Boots pharmacy. This is where I bought these:

  1. Soap & Glory Scrub Actually
  2. Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15-minute facial peel
  3. Boots No7 Mattifying Make-up Base
  4. Boots Cucumber 3 minute mask


What else? We went to Phuket Fantasea which is some kind of theme park, but mainly it features a cultural show with thai stories and dancing.

The tickets were a bit expensive, but well you only do these things once and since you're already there, why not right? You can ride on elephants and take pictures with baby tigers and stuff, but I didn't do any of that. That kinda concludes my trip. Fantasea was on my last night there and the next morning, we had to be up early to catch the plane back.

Hope you enjoyed reading (those who did at least..hurhur). If you have any qns in case you're headed there soon, you can ask me and I will try to answer. But all in all, it was an enjoyable trip, though I would have liked it to be a couple of days longer so that I can tan a bit more. Lol.

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