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March 30, 2012

Recycled manicures

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen these pictures. I like to post my NOTDs there these days. It's just faster and more convenient for me.

Sometimes when I'm lazy to change to a totally new mani, I like to recycle the one I currently have on. Wear it plain one day, and add something to it for the next day. Here are a few of them.

OPI Mermaid's Tears

Added heart and dots nail art with OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (this was my Valentine's Day mani). Someone commented it reminded her of Dolly Wink.

China Glaze Blue Iguana (really gorgeous blue, but it stained pretty bad and left me with smurf fingers)

topped with China Glaze Liquid Crystal for bling nails (even more difficult to remove with glitter on!)

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark suede for a quick morning mani because it dries in no time

with Barry M silver foil polish to create a half-moon mani for the evening because the suede polish has already chipped at the tips. It's not done perfectly cos it was also a rushed job.

Ciate Sharp Tailoring

topped with various China Glaze Metallic Crackle Glaze for skittle nails.

Butter London Knackered (gorgeous gorgeous duochrome)

and V-tips done with A-England Camelot

Color Club Wild At Heart

added stripes with Eyeko Tea Rose and Color Club Fashion Addict


September 03, 2011

The ASOS polish order that got away

Some time in June, I managed to order these polishes from ASOS. Usually there's a restriction for nail polishes that says "Ships to UK only" or "Ships to just 19 Countries", most of them being European countries. But on that day, I don't know if it was a coding malfunction or if it was done on purpose, but I was lucky enough to get my order through. The package took quite a while to reach and it made me wonder if it had gotten lost or confiscated by customs. In the end, the bottles reached me safely with no breakage.

As you can see from the group pic, I had some pop beauty, models own and barry m in the box.

Pop Beauty nail polishes can be bought from our local Sephora stores, but I think they retail around S$22 each. These were on sale for £4.25 each. The selection wasn't great, so I chose a bottle of plain black polish (which til that day I didn't have in my stash) and another one called Twinkle which is a multi-coloured glitter.

Swatches aren't so clear here. From L-R: 2 coats of twinkle on its own, black polish, Twinkle over black polish, Twinkle over a purple polish.

Twinkle works great as a top coat to jazz up any base colour. It is quite thick in consistency and I think 2-3 coats are enough if you want to use it as a single colour.

Instagram pic of the same mani that I wore out

Next are some models own polishes. L-R: Becca's Brown, Bluebelle, Scarlet Sparkle, Purple Haze. These were £3.25 each.

Becca's Brown is a lovely brown cream polish. The formula is great and makes application smooth and effortless.

The rest of the models own polishes are glitter polishes.

Scarlet Sparkle was the one I swatched first. It is red glitter suspended in a red jelly polish. Two coats were enough to produce what you see in the pic below.

This is a swatch of Scarlet Sparkle again, but this time on my 4th and 5th finger, I used a red polish as base to make it look more intense. Can you tell the difference?

Next one is Purple Haze. This was almost a nightmare to apply on its own. I was really surprised because unlike the red glitter which came in a red jelly polish, this one came with a clear base. It was so hard to apply because of the uneven finish.

I believe the trick is to apply one coat and let it dry before applying a second layer and a third if necessary. If you apply a second coat while the first hasn't dried yet, the brush will drag the glitter of the first coat off, thus the uneven distribution of glitter. I tried to patch up the bald spots but they could still be seen.

Since the glitter was so sparse, I decided to use a purple polish as base and apply the glitter over like a top coat instead. Here's the result on my last two fingers. Compared to the first two fingers, the polish looks so much nicer, has more depth, and is neater too since there are no bald spots.

Same experience with Bluebelle which also came in a clear base. First two fingers with just glitter polish, last two fingers with a blue polish underneath. It looks so much better, right? And actually very pretty!

Lastly, some Barry M. I want to slap myself for not getting more of them. Oh well, too late!

I bought 3 crackle polish called Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic, White Frost and Pink Fizz at £3.99 each and a lonely nail paint in Dusky Mauve for £2.99 (the prices are the same as on their website).

Swatch of Barry M Nail Paint Classic Collection in Dusky Mauve. It is said to be a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal at a fraction of the cost. I am so glad to have this. Such an interesting colour! It's so pretty!

Random swatches of the crackle polishes. I need to gush about how they crack so beautifully and so even. I actually went wow while watching them crack. I do not like OPI's or China Glaze's ones as much as these. Plus these don't turn goopy as you use them unlike the OPI ones.

Smaller crackle effect:

Hope you enjoyed the swatches!

June 16, 2010

NOTD Tinsel Ink

I don't have many glitter polishes in my stash. Just a couple. Finally putting one to good use here. 
I used OPI Ink and China Glaze glitter in Tinsel for this NOTD. I'm liking the way it looks. :)

June 06, 2010

NOTD China Glaze Glam glitter tips

Quick entry on a NOTD i was sporting yesterday. I had Couleur Inc's Nostalgia painted on my nails at the end of last week (thurs-fri). It's an old polish that I dug out from my stash. It's definitely a few years old but still in good condition. By Friday, the tips had started wearing off. Feeling lazy to remove and paint a new colour, I whipped out China Glaze Glam (a glitter polish) and covered the worn out tips with it. And this was the result more or less. I think I touched up on some missing parts (you can see a bald patch on my middle finger there) after that, and covered the whole thing with a topcoat lest the glitters start falling off or something.

If you follow me on twitter (same nick: lillgoddess), you'd know that on Saturday, I went to eat chilli crab. At one point during the finger-licking and digging into crab claws process etc (eating chilli crab tastes better eaten with your hands and fingers, not with plastic gloves covering your hands as seen at the table next to me), it suddenly crossed my mind that I was probably eating my glitters along with the crab meat. But today, as I was removing my polish, I was so amazed by the staying power of the glitters on my tips. They were stuck and so hard to remove. So I now kinda think that I didn't really eat any yesterday during dinner. LOL.

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