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July 12, 2010

MAD Minerals Indelible Waterproof Smudge-Proof Gel Eyeliners swatches

This entry is kind of random. I was looking at my gel liners today and sadly, this is what you get when you neglect them. Dried up and receding from the side of the pot. My brush didn't even manage to scrape off any colour from the surface. Boo! I didn't even use much of it and now it's almost unusable. I might try mixing this with an eye drop or two, as tipped by Beautopia, to make it moist again when I wanna use it. Else it's bye bye.

Here's my collection of gel liners. I was into this gel liner phase late 2008-early 2009 when I first heard of them. My first gel liners were ordered through a spree for MAD Minerals and the shades that I ordered were Black Cherry, Magnetism, Peacock and Tanzanite. I think I kinda fell in love with Black Cherry and Magnetism and that prompted me to order the rest of the shades that MAD Minerals had to offer. So I patiently waited for sales to happen and slowly the rest of the shades were mine. At the same time, I wanted to try Coastal Scents gel liners and ordered a few. I think I ended up selling a few of them away as i much preferred MAD Minerals, and now I'm left with only 3 shades of CS. But in the first place, they didn't have as many shades released as they do now (they have 25 shades in total omg)

I swatched my whole collection today, and i can attest that they are indeed waterproof and smudge-proof (on my hand that is..lol) once they're set. I washed my hands, went out with my hand still swatched (I looked like I had some kind of colorful bracelet hanging at my wrist), came back, did all sorts of things, but the swatches didn't budge until I removed them with an oil-based makeup remover. So you can be sure that they stay well on the eyes too. Hey, they're not called indelible for nothing no? hurhur.

Anyways, onto the swatches. I have all 14 MAD Minerals shades, but could only swatch 13 since Venomous dried up. :(  Peacock is also on its way to drying up cos it was kinda flaky when I applied it to my skin. It was from the first batch I ever bought, so no doubt it's kinda old by now.

Here are some descriptions taken from MAD Min's website:

  • Black Cherry - Black with flecks of red/burgundy shimmer
  • Black Out - Classic basic black
  • Chocolate Mousse - Medium deep brown
  • Ivy League - Mid-tone shimmering olive/khaki green
  • Endangered  - Rich Green
  • Peacock - Aqua teal green with a hint of shimmer

  • Magnetism - Shimmery black with a hint of gold
  • Marcasite - Shimmery charcoal with a hint of steel blue tones
  • Tanzanite - A deep mauve russet toned pearl
  • Oceanic - Vivid cobalt blue
  • Tidal Wave - Soft shimmering blue steel
  • Scuba Dive - Deep navy blue

Penny - Shimmering bronzed copper penny

Price-wise, MAD costs US$8.99 for 4g vs CS at US$6.95 for 3g. If you wanna try it, wait for a sale!

And as with all gel liners, close the cap tightly when not in use!

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