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June 20, 2013

China Glaze Running In Circles

I am going backwards in time with this mani which was for a <span>#SGSwatchFest /<span>#PolishTogether theme as we celebrated Emerald, Pantone colour of 2013 and birthstone for the month of May.

I wore China Glaze Running In Circles, one of the polishes from the Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away collection. It doesn't look that good in my indoors photo...but wait...</span></span>

...it was so glorious outdoors! So much glass-flecked shimmery green awesomeness! Very vibrant and so beautiful. Don't mind my many photos.

March 28, 2013

Easter speckled nails with nubar black polka dot

So I did my Easter nails pretty early for #SGSwatchFest cos I wanted to try out this speckled nails look. Check out this link from Lucy's Stash for a full tutorial if you're interested. It's really easy to do! 

I used nubar black polka dot and various colours from the Electropop collection by China Glaze.

The colours from my thumb to my pinky are:

1. Dance Baby

2. Kinetic Candy

3. Sweet Hook

4. Electric Beat

5. Aquadelic

And this is nubar black polka dot. It looks all black in the bottle, but applies clear.

I like this skittle. Should have looked for a yellow instead of using Electric Beat.

Love it on Kinetic Candy (index) and Sweet Hook (middle finger)

January 26, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam Collection swatches (Spring 2013)

So I just collected these babies today (bought the whole collection from Tammy) and did a quick swatch of all the shades in this collection this afternoon. Most of these are about two coats, some are one coat swatches. They apply very well and the formula is very smooth with no streaking. I did not apply any base coat or top coat for these swatches. The dry time for these is amazingly fast and I found that you don't really get to see the holo effect until the polish is dry. I took these pictures in my room with natural light coming in through the window. 

If you are looking for super bling-bling in your face kind of holo, they're not it. There is a slight rainbow effect, but it's not blinding like the Color Club Halo Hues type. It's a totally different kind of holo finish.

On to the swatches:

STRAP ON YOUR MOONBOOTS (midnight sky blue)

TAKE A TREK (cool denim blue)

SCI-FLY BY (light silver blue)

DON'T BE A LUNATIC (turquoise aqua blue)

COSMIC DUST (silver metal)

OMG A UFO (warm moss green)

GALACTIC GRAY (warm gunmetal)

WHEN STARS COLLIDE (warm maroon)

INFRA-RED (warm magenta pink)

ASTRO HOT (soft baby pink)

GET OUTTA MY SPACE (powdered violet)

NOT IN THIS GALAXY (bright warm coral)

So what do you think of them? My favourite ones out of the lot are Strap On Your Moonboots, Galactic Gray, When Stars Collide and Infra-Red. I know many of you will think that it's an underwhelming collection and will want comparisons etc. In any case, I hope the swatches helped you decide if you want to add them to your polish stash or not.

December 02, 2012

China Glaze Surreal Appeal and Whirled Away (Cirque du Soleil collection)

China Glaze has released a new collection called Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away inspired by the upcoming 3D movie of the same name and I picked up some of the colours from DYON recently. Three of the glitters are very reminiscent of indie brands and they are It's A Trap-eze, Get Carried Away and Whirled Away.

Here's a combo that I wore last week. This is two coats of Surreal Appeal, a bright coral creme, topped with Whirled Away, a black and white glitter in a clear base.

Surreal Appeal gave no trouble formula-wise but my brush was a bit uneven. The hair on the brush were of different lengths and not straight, and that gave me some trouble during application. Makes me feel like getting a pair of scissors to adjust the length!

Whirled Away has a pretty thick base but picking up the glitters was easy. Just remember to wait for your first coat to dry before attempting to apply another layer or else everything might get smudged.

November 19, 2012

Jelly sandwich with Models Own Boogie Nights

I was pretty pleased with this jelly sandwich. I used two coats of China Glaze Light As Air for the base, applied Models Own Boogie Nights for the glitter and sealed everything with a coat of OPI Care To Danse.

Boogie Nights is from the Mirrorball collection and I got through a swap with someone in the UK. It is the one with the purple cap. It contains shards of purple glitter, magenta and blue hexes, and even more purple/pink/violet smaller glitters. 

October 04, 2012

China Glaze 2NITE

So I decided to join the Holothon (hosted by Inky Polisholicious) on top of Polish Us Pink (hosted by theSubtleShimmer), just because it gives me the chance to revisit some old polishes as well as try out new ones in my pile of untrieds.

This is China Glaze 2NITE, a pretty periwinkle blue holo. It's from the OMG collection which is considered VHTF these days I think. I found an eBay listing for this same polish for USD44! Say what?

This is 2 coats over a base coat and I also Cult Nails Wicked Fast as top coat.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inlinkz.com/cs.php?id=197222"></script>
September 26, 2012

China Glaze Electra Magenta

This is from the Tronica Collection, which I evidently missed out on as a whole. Maybe I wasn't into polishes then, I don't know. I picked this up from a Smoochiez booth while looking for something else. I stared at it, not recognizing it from any collection I knew of, and had to google it on the spot. For sure, I didn't have this one. Tried looking for the other colours, but wasn't lucky. 

This is such a pretty colour. It has some holo to it, kinda shy and scattered, but you can see the rainbows still.

August 18, 2012

Nail Art Fun: Galaxy Nails

I had a go at galaxy nails today. I always thought it looked kinda complicated and difficult to do. I googled galaxy nails and found some tutorials. I discovered that there are actually different types of galaxy nails designs as explained over here: the milky way, planetary haze, stellar gases, cosmic dust..I'm sure it doesn't end there. I'm not sure what category mine falls in. Probably cosmic dust.

Anyway, I don't have a step by step tutorial for this as I don't have anybody else to take pictures for me. 

Things that I used: a black polish for the base, a white polish, a glitter polish, a pink polish and a light green polish (which incidentally contained flakies), a sponge and a dotting tool. If you don't have a dotting tool, you can use a toothpick or a pin, something with a pointy end. The colours are as you wish. It can be a dark blue base instead of black, and to create your nebulae, you can use a red, a purple, a yellow etc.. Just go with your imagination. 

(This is the tutorial I followed and it turned out looking quite different.)

First I applied the black polish as my base colour. Then I sponged on the light green halfway down my nail over the black. Subsequently I sponged on the pink over the green and the white over the pink to create my nebulae. It may not look perfect at one go, just go over the same colours until you achieve the pattern you are looking for. Remember to let your layers dry before applying new layers because the wet polish might lift off the previous layer of wet polish.

Apply the glitter polish to create the effect of stars in the galaxy. Finish with a few white dots and a top coat. That's about it! Easy peasy! I am rather pleased with my first attempt and so I shall spam you with some pictures.

You can see the holographic glitter on the thumb courtesy of China Glaze Shooting Stars. How appropriate!

Hope you liked it!

August 13, 2012

Barielle Falling Star

I absolutely love the unique combination of the blue polish and copper glitter of Barielle Falling Star. I didn't have any trouble with the formula and 2 coats were enough.

On my accent nail, I did an interlocking dot design using China Glaze First Mate and OPI Ginger Bells. I was trying to match the blue and copper of Falling Star. The blue is slightly off, but it wasn't that obvious. All in all, very happy with my nails!

A closer look at my accent nail:

August 11, 2012

China Glaze Luster Chrome vs Deborah Lippmann Mirrored Chrome

Here are some swatches comparing three of the China Glaze Luster Chrome polishes with the Deborah Lippmann Mirrored Chrome polishes. 

First up, China Glaze Swanky Silk vs Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy.

Pretty similar from the bottle. You can clearly see the pink duochrome in real life, although I couldn't capture much of it on camera.

Swatches are in this order:

  • Index and middle finger: ChG
  • Ring finger and pinkie: DL

Can you seriously make out the difference? They look pretty much identical to me!

Next, China Glaze No Plain Jane and Deborah Lippmann Private Dancer. Again very similar from the bottle.

Swatches are in this order:

  • Index and middle finger: ChG
  • Ring finger and pinkie: DL

Again, can you spot any difference? Practically none. 

The last polish comparison is between China Glaze Rare & Radiant and Deborah Lippmann Swagga Like Us. While Rare & Radiant is another one of those Chanel Peridot dupes, Swagga Like Us is only reminiscent of Peridot with its green/gold duochrome tone. When swatched, they are very different from each other. Rare & Radiant is more green-toned, while Swagga Like Us is more gold-toned.

Swatches are in this order:

  • Index and middle finger: ChG
  • Ring finger and pinkie: DL

Hope that these swatches have been helpful!

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