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November 18, 2010

swatches of my recent green eyeshadows: Too Faced, ck, UD

So Rusty was asking me whether there was a difference between the green eyeshadow in the Too Faced Lucky Charms duo and the ck emerald that I got recently. I was having trouble with my card reader (still am in fact. Another thing that needs replacing..ughh) and couldn't post it, so I "twitpic-ed" it to her. In case anyone missed it and is interested, here's a swatch of the green eyeshadows I've accumulated in my latest hauls.

November 08, 2010

more hauls: Calvin Klein, Urban Decay, Too Faced

All of you who have read my previous entry or followed me on twitter would surely know about the whole eyeshadow incident. I had bought a Too Faced eyeshadow duo at the Sephora sales but hadn't checked the condition until I reached home, only to find that it was broken to pieces. Made calls to Sephora outlets, was told that I could go back to do an exchange, and then told that I couldn't...Anyway, lovely Kim called me on Saturday to let me know that I could go back for an exchange. Oh joy! She happened to go back to Suntec and took the opportunity to ask them personally. That was soooo thoughtful! And so, I got ready and left home....without the receipt!..which I only realized after getting on the train! I was so irritated, debating in my head whether it was worth it to go back home to get it. In the end, I made a U-turn, walked back home in the sweltering heat to grab the receipt, and walked back to the train station. I was thinking it would be over soon enough. Lost 20-30 minutes going back and forth, but hey, better be safe than sorry. So I got there, showed the girl the eyeshadow, which she acknowledged as broken, and she asked me to choose another one. I asked her if she needed to see the receipt and she said that it wasn't necessary. A please-kill-me-now thought ran through my head, but like I said, better safe than sorry.

And because Kim tweeted about new stuff being sold at Room 202, I went to have a look. I guess I shouldn't have done that because I ended up buying more stuff. More of the same, none of the new.

  • UD eyeshadow in Toasted (one of those that I had put back on the table the day before)
  • UD lipsticks in Requiem (deep neutral) and Trainwreck (fuchsia)
  • Too Faced eyeshadow duo in Shamrock Chic (Chocolate Brown and Iced Sage - like a pale green)
  • ck eyeshadow in emerald (didn't see this on the first day as there was no tester for this)
  • ck brow pencil in brunette (SGD10)

And here is Lucky Charms in one piece...

I realize now that I have bought a lot of greens and browns in my latest hauls, and I'm not even going through a phase. Pure coincidence I suppose...

November 06, 2010

haul: Calvin Klein, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Mario Badescu

It was such a spontaneous decision to meet up with Kim and the rest at Suntec yesterday morning. I was still lazing in bed catching up on my twitter timeline, and after reading about them meeting up, I looked at the time and thought that I wouldn't be too late if I quickly got ready and zoomed out of the house. Which I promptly did. Reached Suntec slightly after 10am and Kim said she was queueing outside Room 202 where the first sale was supposed to be. I thought to myself  "Queue? Why is there a queue for the sale?" cos I was pretty surprised. So I joined Kim, Jane and Rusty (first time seeing her but I kinda knew who it was cos she is just as pretty as in her pictures). So we stood in line, talking, joking and wondering why the doors hadn't opened yet although it was way past 10am, the time at which the sale was supposed to start. Kim asked "how come all these people know of this sale ah?". Jane said "I wanna go ask the first person in the line what time she started queueing". I was thinking "How come this cosmetics sale so hot one?" And the demographics were kinda funny, there were those tai-tais with puffy hair and designer sunglasses, the girlfriends/wives who had dragged their boyfriends/husbands/kids over to queue with them..hmm..something looked a bit weird. I bet we even saw the banner promoting the Haute Avenue (designer bag importer) sales, but didn't think twice about it. And then, I saw people going into the next room (Room 202) which was already open, and realised that we were probably queueing at the wrong place. Jane quickly ran over to take a look and came out to call us in. It was the funniest thing ever, I swear. Hahaha! And we ran in and took over the cosmetics sales table and started swatching. Soon we were joined by Michelle, Joanna and Fatin (first time seeing her too *waves*). I don't know who else was there as these were the only people I knew. After Room 202,  we all headed to the Sephora sales on floor above.

Onto my hauls from Catwalk Alley and Sephora.

First pic is the stuff I bought from Room 202.

  • DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 30ml (been wanting this since forever!)
  • BVLGARI Pour Homme Soir 50 ml (for the hubs. He adores this perfume and it was such a good buy at SGD52 for 50ml)
  • Maybelline Dream Mat Powder in 05 Apricot Beige (recommended by Kim and the salesperson said this shade would suit me just right. But I feel like the price is a bit high. SGD16 for drugstore powder?)
  • 3 ck eyeshadows in wedgwood, aqua shimmer and azure (SGD14 each)
  • 1 UD eyeshadow in Vert (SGD12 - usual USD17)
  • 1 UD dagger lipstick in Wanted (SGD14 - usual USD22, wanted Jailbait too (nude shade), but it was OOS)

The Sephora sale was kinda disappointing in a way. It was the second day, and there was nothing left that was super interesting. I still left with these two MD masks (2 for SGD40) and two Too Faced products (2 for SGD30). The MD masks retail at USD18 each online while the Two Faced lipgloss costs USD18 and Too Faced eyeshadow duo costs USD17. So I guess the sales weren't too bad from the price point of view.


I didn't check my items before leaving the place and only noticed THIS DISASTER when I got home. I called up Sephora ION, and the person said that I could go back for an exchange. I was so happy. I then called up Sephora NAC to confirm, and I was told that no exchange was possible for sales items. So i called Sephora ION back and someone else told me that I couldn't exchange bla bla. I geddit! But why didn't the first person tell me NO straight away. Pui! I wasted 3 calls. This is Too Faced Lucky Charms, an eyeshadow duo that's now a broken shattered single. I was astounded by its beauty when I swatched it. Super smooth and pigmented. The shades of green were distinct from each other (emerald foil and golden light green), but now it's just one big mess. Ughhhh!

Kim, Jane and I all bought these 3 ck shades. Love at first sight for the three of us. They are powdery soft and have nice colour payoff. The packaging is pretty sleek too and it comes with a small sponge applicator and mirror. I was tempted to get a ck powder foundation too (I think the salesperson recommended the shade in dune for me, it costs SGD39), but didn't in the end cos I have way too many face products to finish up.

My lippie products: Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls lipgloss in Pink Bling and Urban Decay lipstick in Wanted (warm berry).

Love the design although it's a bit bulky.

The Too Faced lipgloss has a nice peppermint smell to it and feels slightly tingly and refreshing at the same time on the lips. It's like a clear gloss with pink pearls, great for layering for extra oomph. The Urban Decay is creamy smooth and moisturizing, and smells of caramel. Mixed together it turns into a minty caramel concoction.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with everything, well minus the shattered eyeshadow...

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