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May 16, 2011

haul: more Illamasqua blushes and swatches (Chased, Excite, Tremble, Create), Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss (Mistress, Petulant)

I've got some more Illamasqua blush swatches for you. The boxed items below are from a spree organized by Jo and Hyd (click here to request for sprees and join the mailing list). The rest were bought from Farah's blogsale a while back. <3

L-R clockwise: Matt Primer, blush in Chased, Excite, Create, Tremble

Chased - Bright Rose Pink

Excite - Vivid Apricot

Tremble - Soft Lilac Pink

Create - Warm Peach Honey

Swatches on my inner arm:

Matte Primer. Milky consistency, spreads easily, smells sweet. Kept the oilies at bay for a few hours before I had to blot.

My first intense lipglosses! Bright, bold and glossy! Comes in a squeezy plastic tube. I find it a bit hard to apply. What's the best way? Straight from the tube or with a brush or with my finger?


March 06, 2011

Haul: MUFE and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

About 2 weeks ago (19 Feb), a few of us onsugarettes met up for a very important mission: to raid the MUFE store at Tras Street. It was Sarah's (FacesBySarah) birthday and there was a special 30% off storewide sale going on for this occasion. Such good deals cannot be missed!

I came out of the store with the following:

  • All Mat Face Matifying Primer
  • Mat Velvet+ Matifying Foundation in #30
  • Super Matte Loose Powder in #20

And just last week, there was a 20% storewide sale at Metro and guess what? I went ahead and bought another foundation, like as if I needed one!. Oh well! I've been dying to try this one out too, and would have gotten it sooner or later anyway.

And because of that, ahem...

November 30, 2010

haul: Dior and Shiseido sales

There were two sales going on last week, Shiseido and Dior. Nope, I didn't make it to either cos I was stuck in the office, but I still landed myself some goodies via onsugarettes who are ever so helpful! I collected this loot from Kim (ladeekim) when I met up with her at the gym.

Dior palettes CP-ed by Fatin (SGD35 each). These were what were left on the second day of the sale, so I just grabbed both. Never really had a look at Dior before, but I couldn't pass up the chance of owning one at a much cheaper price.

Maquillage singles from Kim, MM palette from MissJo who had an extra (SGD8 each). I didn't really know the retail price of the MM palette until I dropped by Watsons one evening and saw it selling for SGD25+. LIKE SERIOUSLY?? And the Maquillage singles also retail at SGD20+ each from what Kim told me. So yeah, I guess I got a good deal.

And a backup tube of Boots No7 Mattifying make-up base from Kim from when she holidayed in Chiangmai in September!

Hurray for Onsugarettes! Special thanks to Fatin, Jo and Kim for all the trouble! <3

February 02, 2010

RMK base + MUFE HD foundation haul

So I did some hauling during the weekend. Went to the Tangs sale and got the RMK creamy make up base in both shades 00 and 01, seeing how highly raved these are. And I also had a SGD50 Sephora voucher about to expire, so I got myself the HD foundation, and paid SGD25 for it (MUFE HD foundation retails at SGD75!). I think I wouldn't have splurged on this if I didn't have the voucher to help me along.

Anyways, my initial intention was to get the Mat Velvet+, but the BA told me that it's meant more for people with very oily skin and that for me (mainly oily T-Zone), HD would be a better choice. I had a bare face then, and she tried 2 shades on me, each one of either side of my face. One was too light and made my face look much fairer, but the one that I got blended well and made me look like I wasn't wearing anything.

I gotta admit though that I was kinda disappointed with my experience with the MUFE BAs at Sephora ION. I was left standing there for a long while and no one approached me to ask me if I needed help. One was already attending to another customer, but the other one was doing nothing but preening over the mirror, brushing his eyebrows and admiring himself, and walking over to his co-workers to chit-chat. Really no sense of initiative and customer service. And because I was rushing for time, I had no choice but to interrupt the one who was already handling a customer as she was the one nearest to me. Oh wells.

Top-down: RMK shade 00, RMK shade 01, MUFE HD foundation

December 10, 2009

VS, UD, nars haul!!!


Ok I finally unpacked my VS box tonight, but I won't talk much abt my haul. Basically I ordered quite a few bottles of body lotion and body wash as you can see from the pic, when they were having a 20% off sale which ended last Weds (2nd Dec). The package was shipped on the 3rd Dec and probably reached SG during the weekend cos by the time, UPS left a note on my door on Tuesday 8th, it was their second delivery attempt. So that was a damn fast shipment! I wasn't expecting it so soon. hmm...so many bottles. Haha. How to finish you ask? Well, I think I'll end up selling away those that I don't like. =)


Next up, my UD haul which i ordered during the 30% F&F sale.

*Ammo Plus Primer Set, *Book Of Shadows Vol II, *24/7 Super Stash

Ammo plus primer set (UP $39) contains Urban Decay's 10 best-selling shades (UP $36) + a full-size 10ml UDPP (UP $17). Even better deal after 30% off!

I'm sure Book Of Shadows Vol II needs no introduction. 16 gorgeous eyeshadows, 2 travel size 24/7 eye pencils in Zero and Bourbon and 1 mini UDPP.

24/7 Super Stash is a collection of 9 mini pencils with new shades that I don't previously own. I am quite peeved at the size though. When they said mini, they really meant it. This mini size is just 3" long including the cap, abt 2.7" without (meaning from the tip of the pencil to the end), compared to the travel size which is 4.3" with the cap and 3.5" without the cap. That's 0.5g of product for the mini vs 0.8g of product for the travel size.


I bet this is what you are all waiting to see. *grin*

Ta-daaaaa...I have shot from owning 0 nars to owning 14 nars overnight. *evil laugh*. Please don't go and count the amount I spent on these babies. I am super broke right now and don't even wanna think about it. So don't make me feel worse. Consolation: these were bought with a 22% discount. So worth it or not hah? I couldn't resist ok? They are so freaking super gorgeous that I haven't even dared swatch any yet. I am definitely a nars collector now.

As you can see, I am quite the blush freak. Lol. Yeah, I collect MAC blushes too.

Anyways, up there from L-R:

* Super Orgasm, Luster, Deep Throat, Outlaw, Taos

* Orgasm, Sin, Torrid, Passion, Lovejoy

* Mata Hari, Oasis, Mounia, Gilda + 1 eyeshadow duo in Brousse (sable/black violet)

I have taken individual pics of the above, will post if anybody's interested! Let me know!

November 12, 2009

Urban Decay

Was browsing through some recent tweets and found the discount code for the ongoing UD sale (30% off - use FNFW1). Kinda couldn't resist..Ordered

24/7 Super Stash (USD36),

Book Of Shadows Vol II (USD48) and

Ammo Plus Primer Set (USD39).

Total after discount USD86.10.

For swatches, you can refer to: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=158473&id=60999753199

I'm currently awaiting 2 separate orders from Nordstrom. In a way, I can't wait for the boxes to come. On the other hand, I'm running out of space in the house. My hubby's gonna have a fit. Not to mention that I'm gonna have a heart attack myself when the credit card bills come. *faint*

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