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June 18, 2010

nail polish remover prices

I was in Watsons today, browsing around and checking out what was on sale. I was tempted to get a few things, but I put them back on the shelves after deciding that I didn't really need them at this point, e.g, much raved about Silky Girl lash prism mascara at 20% off - making it less than S$9! But there was something else that was even more tempting to me cos I've been using quite a lot of it lately: 2 Sally Hansen polish remover bottles going for S$8 only, which means savings of S$4 off the usual retail price for two (one bottle usually retails for S$6), and savings of S$1.60 even if it was on sale at S$4.80 each at 20% off. I walked around the aisles deciding if I should get a set or two, thinking about whether this was really a good deal or not. But guess what? I put it back!! Why you ask? Let's just say that usually I don't think this much when I know that I'm saving by buying (what?!), but lately I've been rethinking my spending pattern. So..I decided not to get it today.....but I might change my mind tomorrow. Cos the more I'm gonna think about it, the more I'll get obsessed and the more I'll think that I want it and need it. That's how it goes in this little brain of mine.

All this wandering around was useful(?), fruitful(?), informative(?) about the price of other nail polish removers available in the store. Price applies for all formulas for that brand, unless otherwise stated.

  • Sally Hansen (236.5ml) S$6, S$4.80 at 20% off, now on sale: 2 bottles for S$8!!
  • Beauty Formulas (250ml) S$2.95
  • Cutex (200ml) S$4.95
  • Sylvie (150ml) S$2.90
  • Silky Girl (100ml) S$3.90
  • Manicare super fast with Vitamin E, acetone (blue bottle): 60ml for S$3.95, 125ml for $5.50
  • Manicare extra gentle with Vitamin E, non-acetone (pink bottle): 60ml for S$3.50, 125ml for $5.25
  • Manicare tea tree oil with Vitamin E, acetone (green bottle) : 60ml for S$4.50, 125ml for $5.25

Not sure if all the prices are accurate, I would believe that I was sober enough at that point to be noting down the correct prices. Please forgive any price mixups which could have resulted from not paying enough attention to the display tags.

Anyway, after some makeup math, I now totally think that the set of 2 for S$8 is pretty worth it. The cheapest though would be Beauty Formulas, then Sally Hansen 2 bots for S$8, followed by Sylvie in third place. If you want another cheap alternative, you could try the Daiso one: 100ml for S$2.

Now I wonder why Manicare is so pricey.

Do you buy nail polish remover based on formula, ingredients, brand etc? Or solely based on price since the main purpose of polish removers is to remove nail polish and if a cheap one can do the same job as an expensive one, why not just get a cheap one?



April 14, 2010

MAC private sale ticket + Daiso mini haul

Who's got her ticket to the MAC private sale? ME ME ME!!! haha. All thanks to Anna and Peihong, the owner of fairebelle, who so generously offered tickets to onsugarettes like me who would never have gotten a chance to have one. So I'm pretty excited about this event. I'm hoping not to get too crazy. Not sure what time I'll be going, who I might meet, etc. Give me a shoutout about the time you girls will be going. It would be fun to bump into each other.

And Daiso mini haul...I went to Sembawang Shopping Centre this evening for dinner and dropped by Daiso. Stocked up on the sponge cleaner. I'm currently using the one in pink (the one on the right in the pic) and I think it does a pretty good job at clearing the gunk off my sponges. I also stumbled upon some nail polish removers with "aromatic flavor". I bought the one in Raspberry, and I think there was also a green bottle which was lime flavored. After you unscrew the bottle, there's a little stopper at the opening to stop the content from evaporating. It's practical too cos you can re-use it to cap it again (hmm..hope you get what I mean cos I don't know how else to explain. lol).

Anyway, this is a 100ml bottle and costs S$2 like everything else in Daiso. I quickly applied some polish on one nail when I got home to test it out and found that it works pretty well. The smell isn't very overpowering and it does kinda smell like berries afterwards. This is much better than the usual acetone smell. Another nice smelling nail polish remover that I've encountered before is the Maybelline Express remover with almond extract. It smells really good!

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