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July 31, 2012

MAC Electric Cool haul (Superwatt and Electroplate eyeshadow)

So I wasn't intending on getting anything. Granted I had taken at a look at the swatches on Temptalia, and noted down two colours I kinda liked, but I really didn't think I'd be getting anything. I was at Shaw last Saturday to watch The Dark Knight Rises at Lido IMAX (awesome show btw!), and there I was killing time walking around Isetan when I saw the display for the collection. Out of curiosity, I went to take a look and opened one to swatch.

The texture felt so interesting, kinda marshmallow-y, soft and mousse-y. The colour pay-off was very good, very shimmery, very blendable. So after a short battle in my head as to buy or not to buy, I ended up walking away with the same two colours I had noted down. They are Superwatt, a light shimmering taupe, and Electroplate, a cool gunmetal grey. I did not even dare swatch ALL the colours lest I be tempted. These are very safe neutral colours that I would wear all the time, so yes, very safe. :)

They come in a screw-top container.


These are the same swatches when I tried rubbing them off. It's mostly the shimmer that goes away.

I have worn both colours to work this week. I wear them without primer (most days, I'm eye primer-less!) and they last me the whole day. There is no fading, only some slight creasing, which I think is partly due to my oily lids. Overall, I think it's not a bad product, definitely worth a look if you want to try a different kind of texture. I do not have any Chanel Illusion d'Ombre or MAC Big Bounce eyeshadows to compare this with, and for the record, they're totally different from GA ETK and l'Oreal Infaillible.

July 27, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creature collection haul

This is my haul from MAC's Heavenly Creature collection. I only bought cheek products although I was very tempted by the eyeshadows too. But after calculating how much it would cost if I added them to my bill, I decided not to get them, pretty as they are.

Swatching the products in person made my decision easier as to what to get. I skipped Center of the Universe MSF and Earthshine MSF as they were too dark and bronzey for my skin. As for the mineralize blush, I skipped Solar Ray (very very pretty peach and gold, but too much shimmer for my liking) and Stratus (too dark).

So these are joining my mineralize collection.

Star Wonder MSF (Plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments)

Light Year MSF (Peachy pink with gold shimmer)

Ring Of Saturn mineralize blush (Terracotta and gold melange)

Supernova mineralize blush (Magenta and burnished gold)


June 09, 2012

MAC Powder Blush in Fleet Fast and Launch Away! (MAC Hey, Sailor! collection)

The MAC Hey, Sailor! collection was launched exclusively at Raffles City MAC last Friday and I went to take a look. They didn't have the highlight powder in Crew, the item I was most interested to see. I was told that it hadn't arrived yet, when in fact, as I learnt yesterday, it is not part of the Asian launch. I swatched the blushers and while one barely showed up on my skin, the other looked like it had some obvious glitter in it (I swear I saw specks of chunky glitter! In retrospective it might be that the blush was contaminated with some other product). I sighed with relief as I decided that I wouldn't be buying anything from this collection except maybe the powerpoint pencil in Handforged.

Fast forward one week later to the islandwide launch of the collection. I wanted to check out Crew (I didn't know yet that it's not part of the Asian release). I only learnt it then when I was at Tangs where the testers were brand new on display. I swatched the blushers again. And you guessed it. I went back home with them. Both.

Both have a satin finish that gives off a subtle sheen. And while I said that Launch Away barely showed up on my skin, I was wrong. I wore it today and it gave me a hint of colour on its own (the colour is very buildable). I then added a bit of Fleet Fast on top for a little pop. 

May 26, 2012

haul: MAC Fashion Sets collection (Impassioned nail lacquer, Impassioned lipglass, Impassioned lipstick)

The MAC Fashion Sets consist of a nail lacquer, lipglass and lipstick of the same shade and name. You can buy the items separately or you could buy the whole set if you'd like.

I liked Impassioned so much that I bought all three items (amongst others..but let's not get there)

Swatches of the lipstick and lipglass:

The lipstick is a hot pink on my lips.

This is Impassioned nail polish. The colour totally doesn't match the rest.

And this is the whole Impassioned look.

April 21, 2012

MAC Powder Blush in Modern Mandarin (MAC Tres Cheek collection)

MAC Tres Cheek is a collection of six powder blushers and the one I bought is called Modern Mandarin (described as a red-orange with a satin finish). It has good pigmentation as compared to some of the others I swatched which didn't show up too well on my skin. I

These days I don't go crazy over blushes as I used to, which is a good thing really.

Some blushes in the same colour family that I found in my stash!

(click for bigger swatch pic)

March 31, 2012

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadows haul (Modern Pewter, Sweet Heat, Havana)

Modern Pewter: dirty olive gold

Sweet Heat: bright peach champagne

Havana: dirty copper brown

These were so creamy to the touch that I thought that they were cream eyeshadows. This is "a new liquid-powder hybrid formula with prismatic reflections that instantly sculpts, highlights and models the face to the desired effect – extra dimension."

All the colours swatched beautifully. I was thinking of not getting anything, but you can see what I came home with in the end.

I did not get any of the Extra Dimension MSFs. They swatched really shimmery and pigmented, very pretty, but I thought that I wouldn't have much use for them.

March 31, 2012

MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows haul (Gold Carbon and Palladium)

I just realized that I have these from my HK trip in January.

Gold Carbon: Metallic Taupe

Palladium: Metallic Ash

The BA taught me to layer the two shades together to create another shade.

I think that these cream eyeshadows didn't get good reviews because they crease easily and don't last long. They are pretty nonetheless.

February 15, 2012

MAC Mineralize blush in Early Morning (MAC Naturally collection)

This mineralize blush in Early Morning is the only item I picked from the MAC Naturally collection. It is described as a peachy pink. On me, I thought it looked more orangey than peachy. I am particularly liking this one because it is matte. It is very smooth, somewhat powdery, but doesn't contain the glitter and frostiness of previously released mineralized blushes. The only other two mineralize blushes that I have in my stash that are also non-glittery are those from MAC Semi-Precious collection: Pressed Amber and Warmth Of Coral. I realize that I did not do a haul post on that collection. That was more than half a year ago. Oops.

October 25, 2011

China Glaze Snow Globe and MAC Unconditionally Fabulous swatches and comparison

I read from Temptalia that China Glaze Snow Globe (from the Let It Snow Holiday 2011 collection) is pretty similar to MAC Unconditionally Fabulous (from MAC Glitter and Ice collection). Here's a little comparison between them along with some picture spam.

China Glaze Snow Globe

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous

They do look fairly similar, don't they? But they're not really the same if you get to the details. MAC UF has very minute silver glitter bits and very small round and hexagonal-shaped multicoloured glitter in purple, orange, blue, green, turquoise (more or less), while CG SG has a mixture of small and large round and hex-shaped glitter in about the same colour combination. The CG glitters look brighter and more vibrant probably cos they're bigger, so they catch and reflect more light. The CG base is much thicker than the MAC one, resulting in a more goopy texture. The latter plus the bigger chunks of glitter in CG also make the nail surface bumpier and not as smooth and flat as MAC which has a much thinner base. Overall, CG has a more prominent purple tinge while MAC generally looks more greenish-gold.

CG on top, MAC at the bottom:

MAC on thumb, CG on the rest. Can you tell the difference?

October 24, 2011

MAC Glitter & Ice haul and swatches

I think I went overboard with the MAC Glitter and Ice collection. I was in a shopping mood on that day and just couldn't resist. I came home with both beauty powders (Snowglobe and How Beautiful), two of the paintpots (Morning Frost and For Effect) and one nail polish (Unconditionally Fabulous). Everything, except for the mineralize eyeshadows, was on display. The technakohl liners were really stiff and swatched really dry, so I could easily pass on those.

All of them are limited edition as you can tell from the white packaging.

Snowglobe - Frosty pinky beige

How Beautiful - Pale shimmering beige

For Effect - Black with pearl

Morning Frost - Shimmering champagne taupe

Unconditionally Fabulous - Super sparkle white


Thanks for looking!

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