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October 14, 2013

LA Girl 3D Effects in Purple Effect

I showed you LA Girl Teal Dimension in an earlier post. This is another shade available in the LA Girl 3D Effects range called Purple Effect. It is as dazzling and I love this just as much. This is two coats.

August 23, 2013

LA Girl 3D Effects in Teal Dimension

LA Girl Teal Dimension took my breath away the moment I put it on. It is so gorgeous, you have to see it in real life, it sparkles way more. It is called holographic, but it's not CC Halo Hues type of holo. The holo particles in this one are quite chunky and scattered. The formula is very smooth and very opaque. If you apply a thick layer, you can get away with one coat. I did two for my swatch which by the way is looking very blue here. It looks a bit more green on the nails..you know teal..it depends on the lighting I suppose.

I received Teal Dimension in a swap a while back when it wasn't available locally, but now you can buy the whole range of LA Girl 3D Effects Hologram polishes from ALT beauty at BHG. Hooray for that! Check out the LA Girl Sand Blasts too (textured polish range), the colours look really good, especially the blue, purple and gold.

June 16, 2011

NOTD Dotty Pinks with LA Girl Matte Coral and Matte Baby Pink

Just did an alternate pink mani with a couple of LA Girl matte polishes that have been lying neglected in my stash. It's my first time using a dotting tool. You can clearly see my inexperience by the irregularity of the dots. Haha.

Left hand:

Right hand:

February 28, 2010

China Glaze haul + my nail polish collection

It's been a long time since I've done any haul entries. I have hauled in between (small things here and there), but have been rather lazy to update. Haha. Well this haul deserves an entry just because it was kinda MAJOR.

Here they are, those beautiful bottles of colour that I collected at the start of Feb, one week before CNY came about. I participated in a Transdesign spree with a friend who's a nail polish and Konad fan. This is like her 5th or 6th time spreeing from Transdesign and my first...which probably explains my excessive order of 30 bottles and 1 seche vite top coat (my first too!). I calculated that it would take me roughly 6 months to go through all these CG colours at an average of 1-2 colours per week, with days of rest in between to let my nails "breathe". It will take even longer if I decide to use a colour from my LAGirl or OPI stash in between. It all depends on the mood right?


A lot of the colours look kinda similar from this pic, don't they?

And here's a collective pic of my other nail polishes, excluding random ones from The Face Shop, Skin Food, Red Earth, TBS, and no brand ones.


OPI STASH (with 4 China Glaze at the end of the 2nd row)

I also thought I would launch myself into Konad art. I bought this kit for SGD19.90 from a pushcart seller. It comes with a plate of your choice, 2 nail polishes (colour of your choice), 1 stamp and 1 scraper. You can read the step-by-step instruction here. The way it works is apply a base polish on your nails, apply polish to the design of your choice on the plate, scrape off the excess polish from the surface of the plate, press the stamp onto the design on the plate so that it gets transferred to the stamp's surface, press the stamp on your nail to transfer the design, apply top coat.

Well, I failed rather miserably on my first few attempts. I was pretty sad and frustrated that I couldn't do it. I don't know if it needs lots of practice to get it right or just that my technique is not good, but I can't seem to get these transferred properly onto the stamp in the first place (either the design didn't transfer at all, or was only partially transferred). If you watch the video though, it looks like a kid could do it. Also, the cleaning up is a pain (to me at least) and the amount of polish you waste is a lot too (at least for me since I'm a beginner). Tips anyone who's tried this?

January 30, 2010

NOTD (LA Girl Blue Twilight)

Quickly wore this on today before heading out. Love the colour.

January 26, 2010

Benefit, Urban Decay, MAC hauls

Ok have not been updating lately. These hauls were not bought all at once, some are from quite a while back, some I have just received, just that I was too lazy to post. :p I won't go much in detail abt the products, just enjoy the pics. LoL. And needless to say that most of the stuff was bought during a sale of some sort. I rarely buy anything full-price.


Matterial Girl

creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in busy signal

velvet eyeshadow in dandy brandy

Miss Popularity highlighter (free gift)

lipsticks in la la land (nude rose), thrillin' brazilian (spiced chai) and passionista (rich garnet).

Benefit Girls Night In set (lipstick in lady's choice (caramel pink) + creaseless cream shadow/liner in birthday suit + skinny jeans + talent brush + magnets)

Lipsticks in sugar rush (spicy caramel - pearl), fruit cocktail (spiced cider - pearl) and sassy frass

silky powder eyeshadow in soft shoulder (free gift)

creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in get figgy and gossip


BADgal pencil (free gift)

That Gal primer and mini Dr Feelgood (free samples)


UD Hi-Fi 24/7 set (zero, 1999, flipside, mildew, Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Distortion)

UD Stereophonic 24/7 set (zero, underground, crash, gunmetal, Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy)

UD Get Baked palette

UDPP sample



MAC Eyeshadow Palette MYSTIC


MAC Softsparkle Pencil in NIGHTSKY and IRIS ACCENTS

All at 20% off at Nordstrom (still have 2 brush sets coming!!)


LA Girl RockStar in Groupie and Party Animal.

Damn I have a lot of LA Girl polishes now..haha..thanks to the JL sale.

January 18, 2010

NOTW (OPI Boris and Natasha) + small nail polish haul

Put on 2 coats of Boris and Natasha before bedtime last night. I must say this shade is quite dupable, no?

I went by JL again yesterday afternoon. Bought another 4 LA Girl polishes: 3 Rockstars and 1 Disco Brites (I'm curious to know what's "black light nail polish"..could it be that it glows in the dark or something?). I'm thinking I should have gotten Groupie too (the purple-blue that everyone seems to love).

L-R: Heavy Metal (looks black with silver glitter), Rockstar (again black with purple glitter), Turntable, Head Banging (green with glitter).

Can't wait to try them!!!

January 14, 2010

NOTW (LA Girl Matte Pink)

Woot! So this is 2 coats of very bright hot pink paint on my nails. Right now, with the current lighting in my room, it's looking more like NEON PINK! LA Girl Matte doesn't dry as fast as OPI Matte which is like almost instantaneous. In fact, I smudged 3 nails while doing this cos I didn't know they were not dry yet, and had to re-do them.

January 14, 2010

LA Girls nail polish haul @ John Little

So...I dropped by JL today cos some of you evil girls got me lemming after the LA Girl matte nail polish (read the make-up blogette's entry and adorebeauty's entry). I grabbed 9 of the 16 (?) shades available. I believe I'm missing raspberry, rose, turquoise, red, black, white and indigo.

Here are the colours I got (L-R):

Alpine Green, Plum, Sky Blue, Baby Pink, Blue Twilight, Lilac, Orange, Coral and Pink.

Initially, I wanted to buy all the shades (yes they're on sale now at JL. U.P SGD 9, now it's at 15% off + extra 20% off for members). The sales lady was very helpful though in helping me decide which colours to get. She was fun to talk to, telling me how OPI is so overpriced and all that, and that LA Girl's quality is as good and caters for young people like me who are in their early 20s and like bright colours (I had to snigger there cos well I'm no longer in my twenties). Haha! And because I was buying so many, she slipped in a lip balm as free gift, as well as 6 samples of day moisturiser and night cream from this brand called babaria that she also represents. This might seem weird, but the day moisturiser contains SNAIL EXTRACT!!! There's even the illustration of a snail on the pack.. you know those slimy things that you see crawling outside after it has rained. Lol. Intriguing no doubt. And it costs like SGD99 per tub. Looks exactly like this:

Anyway, I'm digressing from my JL haul today. Other items you see in the pic are LA Girl marine base coat (prevents nails from staining) and 2 Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof pencils in Blue Remix and Bleu Neon. Swatches here with and without flash respectively.

Blue Remix looks almost green in the first pic (with flash) and looks much blue-er in the second (without flash). These two are joining the other two clubbing waterproof pencils that I already own, which are in Golden Grey Session (like a golden pale green with grey undertones?) and Green insomniak (a really gorgeous green shade). And yes, they are pretty much waterproof. They don't budge once set and they're really really smooooooth on application. Loves! Was also tempted to get a purple one..ah well, next time maybe.

And yesterday, these 2 mini OPIs (Little Red Wagon and Don't Toy With Me) came in the mail. I had gotten them over the weekend from someone selling them away. These are 3.75 ml only compared to the 15ml full-size bottles. They're cute, I'm just wondering how many applications these can last.

Next entries will probably of my Benefit hauls. I received one this week and I've got one more coming up! Yes!

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