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June 25, 2013

Illamasqua Devotee and Color Club Revvvolution

Another old mani using Illamasqua Devotee (candy pink with a rubber finish) and Color Club Revvvolution (black holo) on the tips and accent. 

Such a nice shade of pink! Love this one! And Revvvolution, such an oldie but goodie holo.

March 07, 2012

Color Club Revvvolution comparison with Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

After posting this swatch of Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight, Kim had asked me if there's any difference between the latter and Revvvolution, a well-known holographic polish from Color Club. I must admit that I had not even thought if Color Club Revvvolution would be a possible dupe before purchasing 10 to Midnight. Other than wanting to try out Glitter Gal, I was really smitten by the images I had seen of it, so it was more of a  "I want it and I'm getting it" decision. Anyway, here is a late response to Kim's question, for which I apologize.

From the bottles, you can see a difference in the "holographicness". CCR is more of a scattered holo while GG10 is more linear holo. If you ask what "linear holo" means, well it refers to the rainbow effect that forms on your nails. If you are curious about how holo polishes work, you can read this post here. It will all make sense.

I painted CCR and GG10 on alternate fingers. Index-CCR, middle-GG10, ring-CCR and pinkie-GG10.

Can you see the difference? The holographic effect is much stronger for GG10. CCR's holo particles are scattered and therefore, the light reflection scatters everywhere as well and does not create the rainbow pattern. GG10's holo particles are more densely packed and so, the light goes through the light spectrum in a line and you get the linear rainbow effect.

See why I literally swooned looking at Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight? The rainbow colours in the bottle had me at Hello!

Hope you enjoyed the comparison.

April 08, 2011

quick swatch: Color Club Alias (Alter Ego collection)

Posting some swatches of Color Club Alias from the Alter Ego collection. Looks like a normal purple polish at first glance, but look at it from a certain angle and you'll see the duochrome-ness of it. Pretty right?


March 07, 2011

Misa nail polish swatches

I recently collected a whole bunch of nail polishes from Gwen which I had ordered from her TD spree. I'm featuring some of my new Misa polishes in this post. They are essentially the non-pink polishes featured in this picture.

High Waist Hue and Fashionista were the first Misa polishes I bought and they were "second-hand". That explains the amount that has been used. The rest are the new additions to my stash. And now for swatches and some random comparison swatches. Enjoy!

Misa High Waist Hue, Misa Fashionista and Misa When U Say My Name

Misa High Waist Hue

Misa Fashionista

Misa When U Say My Name

Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money and Misa Toxic Seduction

Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money

Misa Toxic Seduction

Misa It's you! and Misa Wishing On A Star

Misa It's You!

Misa Wishing On A Star

September 26, 2010

haul: China Glaze, Color Club, nars & eyeko

Met up with some onsugarettes on Saturday at our usual spot to collect some spree items. So we have nail polish from a Transdesign spree organised by Gwen, nars items from a nars spree by Michelle, and eyeko polishes from an impromptu twitter spree by Sophia.


First off, here are the new shades that I'm adding to my collection. The colours here appear slightly brighter/washed out than what they truly look like because of the sunlight.

All from China Glaze for this group pic.

Top row, L-R: Prize Winning Mare, Golden Spurs, Designer Satin, Mom's Chiffon, Unplugged, Cords

Bottom row, L-R: Stella, Skate Night, Far Out, Stroll.

All from Color Club for this group pic.

Top row, L-R: Best Dressed List, Electronica, Groove Thang, Love 'Em Leave 'Em, Ms Socialite

Bottom row, L-R: Pucci-licious, Uptown Girl, Who Are You Wearing?, Positively Posh, Soft As Cashmere, Snakeskin

I went a bit ooh-aah when I pulled out Electronica, Love 'Em Leave 'Em and Snakeskin from the box. They look so gorgeous!


My first eyeko polishes! This is the "Must Haves" set that includes 5 limited edition shades: POSH, TEA ROSE, CORAL, PETITE and VAMPIRA. This set is a buy 5 for the price of 4. Sweet deal.


The only time I actually buy nars is when it's on sale! It's also the best time, don't you think? These were bought during a recent 18% off promo.

I wanted to get both eyeshadow duos from the Fall 2010 collection, but only managed to get Tzarine as Rajasthan went OOS. I'm very happy nonetheless.

Tzarine duo eyeshadow: "Love, sex and power. Russia’s empresses had it all. Inspired by royalty, the Eyeshadow Duo pairs the majesty of platinum gold infused with silver reflections with a bold, steel grey. Swipe and shadow along the upper lid or smudge along the lower. Positively regal."

This is a limited edition blush for Fall 2010, nars Douceur: "A soft pink-brown hue imparts a honeyed brown kiss of innocence on cheeks. Exclusive for Fall, the powder is laser etched with our logo. Use to contour the cheek or warm forehead, jaw line and nose"

The imprint is so unique and pretty. I don't know if I can bear seeing it disappear with usage. Haha.

This second blush I got is called Desire and it's from the permanent line. It's described as cotton candy pink which to me would be like a light, toned-down pink, but in real life it's a much brighter pink.

Oh and this is another blush that I got a while back in June or July. Took pics and swatched it, but didn't post...until now.

Thanks for looking!

August 14, 2010

OPI and Transdesign hauls

I met up with some onsugarettes today, mainly Kim (+Jane) and Gwen to collect my nail polishes. I also had the chance of seeing Sophia (thanks again for the Koi!), Kas, Amy, plus had a glimpse of Vion before I left. It was so funny how you all kept asking me if I was heading to the gym even though I didn't have my gym bag with me. I was thinking of not going at first, but ended up going in the end. My gym bag was in the car and since I was already out and had brought everything anyway, I didn't have a valid excuse to get out of it.

This entry will only be of snapshots of what I bought. I have officially no more space to keep my collection.

OPI haul from Pris that Kim kept for me as I was unable to meet Pris in person on the meetup day.

These are really random polishes from old collections.

Top row L-R: You're A Doll, Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!, Significant Other Colour, Windy City Pretty, Chapel Of Love, Gargantuan Green Grape

Bottom row L-R: Yucatan If U Want, Cozu Melted The Sun, Royal Rajah Ruby, Charmed By A Snake, Party In My Cabana

OPI swiss collection

Top row L-R: Glitzerland, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Ski Teal We Drop, Cuckoo For This Color

Bottom row L-R: Color So Hot It Berns, William Tell Me About OPI, From A to Z-urich

Transdesign haul from Gwen

Top row L-R: Orly Prince Charming, Orly Goth, China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald from the Vintage Vixen collection

Bottom row L-R: (more from ChG Vintage Vixen collex) Ingrid, Jitterbug, Bogie, Classic Camel

My first color clubs!

Top row L-R: Worth The Risque, Revvvolution, Magic Attraction, High Society

Bottom row L-R: Catwalk Queen, Wild At Heart, Fashion Addict, With Abandon

Phew! That was a lot to name. I wanna stop hauling!! I really do. Why so difficult??

And even with so many polishes, I have trouble deciding what colour to paint sometimes. It's like having a lot of clothes and saying that you have nothing to wear. Sometimes it's easy though, like when you're feeling like wearing pink and you go through all your pinks and decide on which one. Is it like that for you?

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