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September 21, 2010

zoya swatches and mini comparisons

Swatched my zoyas on Sunday, but didn't have time to post it then. Well here goes.


Did a comparison of zoya Adina with OPI Significant Other Color. I chose the latter because it has the same gold/green duochrome thing going on when you look at the bottles (It was a bit hard to catch on the pics though). But the similarity ends there. OPI SOC is much sheerer in application. I applied three coats and it still looked pale to me. I guess I'm not used to those subtle soft shades. One way to use this would be to layer it over another colour to enliven it and give it that greenish/golden sheen. Click here to see it layered over OPI Black Cherry Chutney, looks pretty gorgeous I think.


Pris requested for a comparison swatch between zoya Charity and OPI Windy City Pretty. First main difference that can be seen is that Zoya Charity contains tiny golden shimmers while OPI Windy City Pretty has pink shimmers. Charity is also slightly darker than WCP and although both look pretty pink in the bottle, Charity leans more towards a dusty mauve on the nail.


Freja was the first shade I started wearing after receiving my zoya loot. Really loved the gunmetal shade, it was all shiny despite being grey. I chose to swatch it against OPI Brand New Skates instead of China Glaze Jitterbug which is all crazy shiny full of silver shimmer. Freja has tiny blue flecks but they are not very obvious, while OPI BNS has golden/green microglitter that really show on the nail.


With its golden sheen, Reece made me think of China Glaze Strawberry Fields. But they couldn't be any more different from each other, from the shade of pink to the golden glitter.


I couldn't find anything in my stash in this shade of purple, so no comparisons for Zara. I paired it with Reece here to show the golden sheen. Really pretty!

So how many times have I used the word "different" in this entry? I just couldn't find any dupes from my stash for my new zoyas. Well, that's a good thing right? Thanks for looking. The pictures did all the talking. :)

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The Zoya colours are so awesome! I love freja! :)

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i like the look of zara and charity! i need to have another zoya spree, perhaps at a later date. i saw harley in the bottle, so pretty! i totally regret letting them to you first! hahahahaha. and i really like the length and the shape of your nails! so nice :) i'm envious! haha.

you make china glaze's strawberry fields look so nice :)

oh, thanks for indirectly "introducing" windy city pretty to me. i didn't think i would like the shade but when i saw the polish, i like the look of the base color and didn't really notice the shimmer, so when i got it, i was like, "oh man, i don't think i wil like it", but how wrong was I ! i fell in love with the brush and the fact that 2 coats was sufficient if you are careful and somehow the shimmers reminds me of the chanel's paradoxal's purple shimmer, don't you think?

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Love freja and zara! They are so chic and so now! Zoya colours are a dream to apply, at least for the few colours i have :)

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