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August 10, 2010

my Sleek makeup palettes - swatches!

As requested, here are the swatches of the Sleek palettes...Very few matte colours: the black (top row 1st from left ) in the Original, a beigey-brown (top row 3rd from left) and a dark brown and black (last 2 from right) in the Storm, and another black in the Sunset palette. You can easily tell the difference from the non-shimmery look. The texture can be a bit particle-like when you first pick up the colour. I think it's because of the waffle-like texture it's pressed in. Otherwise it's really really smooth when applied.



So, are the swatches enticing you to get any?

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the sunset and original!

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Oooh! the bottom row of Sunset! I would totally buy those shades in nail polish form!

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Thanks for the swatches!! They are definitely enticing for me o_o Must save up for the Sleek Storm palette! How much did you get yours for? xoxox

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ooohhh sooo pretty (: i want the storm paletteeee!!

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beadsandends: LOL at your comment. Now that I think of it, they'd look great as nail polish colours. :)

Layla88: each palette costs US$10. Depending on how many people are sharing the spree (at least 10 would be good), the final cost of the palette incl shipping will be abt S$16-17.

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The storm palette is really lovely (:

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Kas: I think the first row in Sunset is totally you..hehe..weren't you gonna open another spree soon?

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