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June 16, 2010

nars blush swatchfest 2

These nars blushers were recently bought on a beauty.com spree when they had a 20% off  discount (YAY for discounts!) and I'm gonna post some swatches today. You will find that I didn't swatch Exhibit A. That's cos I'm planning on giving it as a present to a friend. Exhibit A is sooooo red in the pan, it's scary. I'm not sure I could handle it on my cheeks! Anyways, if you missed part one of the nars swatchfest, click here.

Ok onto the pics! L-R: Exhibit A, Nico, Angelika, Madly, Dolce Vita

Group pic with flash:

Group pic without flash:

1. Exhibit A (brilliant red) - it's a deeper red in real. like brick red!

2. Angelika (cotton candy with gold particles) - a bit like Mata Hari but with gold shimmers.

3. Dolce Vita (Dusty Rose)

4. Madly (Seashell pink) - looks like it suffered quite a bit during the mailing and handling process, but it didn't get smashed up or anything, just shaken up. lol.

5. Nico (Natural Glow)

I must admit that my lust for nars blushers is slowly dying, probably cos I have enough of them to last me a lifetime now. I still have 2 more on my wishlist though: Amour and Desire.

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ok i would LOVE to get my hands on Dolce Vita.. looks so Matte! i like!


I agree with your last 2 lines! Angelika is super glittery when I swatched it at the counter!

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Im lusting for deep throat, nico and amour now (: Im still the midst of collecting them. hehe.
So what are you going to collect now after these nars blushes?

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Oh mannn... I didn't just see this. :p

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michelle: it's a neverending cycle isn't it? finish one to start another? lol. Cargo and Illamasqua maybe. And your sprees are not making things better. But I think that I won't start just yet. There'll still be sales in the future. So not gonna jump in right now.

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Dolce Vita looks awesome ? XD

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I mean, looks awesome! but nars blushes are so ex. :X

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lolrabbit: there's an open spree for nars at 18% off. You could join and get something: http://icefrostsprees.onsugar.com/Nars-spree-8798363

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i have amour and dolce vita on my wishlist. but not craving veyr badly, i guess i'll pick it up when i can afford to and when there's a huge sale :)

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Gwen: yeah I'll wait for the next sale. Hopefully these shades will still be around.

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