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August 12, 2010

Orly Country Club Khaki, Revlon Gray Suede, OPI Tickle My France-y swatches

I received Orly's Country Club Khaki (CCK) in the mail yesterday together with a few others that I bought online recently (yeah I had trouble resisting). I'll probably be doing a nail polish haul entry this weekend/coming week after collecting my TD and OPI loots from Gwen and Kim/Pris respectively. Yes to more polishes! I'm amassing more than I can ever finish using, but these small bottles of colour are addictive and I'm happy to have them.

Anyway, for this entry, I wanted to compare CCK with a couple of similar colours from my current stash: Revlon Gray Suede (recently bought from JL's 20% off sale) and OPI Tickle My France-y (bought second-hand). Oh, I added Orly Coffee Break as a fourth colour just cos I wanted to paint one more finger, not really as a means of comparison. So you can ignore that one if you'd like. LOL. Here we go!

Orly CCK is the darkest amongst them, almost kinda taupish. This was one thick coat, I can't remember if I painted a second coat. Nah I don't think I did.

Revlon Gray Suede, which is nowhere near gray, has a pink tone to it and contains subtle shimmers. That was 2 coats.

OPI TMF is the lightest shade of them all, but considered as one of the best nudes around. Two coats.

Here's how they look like under different lighting conditions:

Best colour match

Which one's your favourite nude?

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all those colours look soo yummy!

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i like the revlon one! actually like nude shoes, i think theres something sexy bout nude nail colors.

anyway lillgoddess, you are not alone when it comes to wanting to resist buying nail colors. i told myself i need to stop but it is easily forgotten the moment i chanced upon a color (i think i do not have but not exactly it.....lol) or a brand i have yet to try... sigh. a nail devil is living in me. :-)

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my all time favourite nude is Tickle My France-y! i like the look of Country Club Khaki. :)

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Thanks for the Revlon swatch.


<3 B

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Reminded me of a cup of warm hot choclate. yum..

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tickle my france-y gets my vote!

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hahaha, i have tickle my francey and coffee break is on my list to get. and i wanted to get country club khaki for ages, but i swear each time, it's oos :((( but it's okay, i ordered 2 bottles of it and it's on the way to me, hahah :) i like the look of grey suede but i hate the shimmers but maybe i should reconsider it now? and congrats on the feature on bellasugar :)

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i currently have revlon grey suede on my nails (: its slightly thick and sticky i find.. not sure whether cos its been on the shelves for long? anyone tried adding "thinner" to nailpolishes to make it less sticky?

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