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May 23, 2010

How many purple polishes are too many?

I was mentioning in my previous entry how I tend to get polishes that are from the same family. Well here's proof. Sort of. It seems that I have amassed quite a few purple polishes since I started my collection.

I've been hearing about how OPI Funky Dunkey is so much like China Glaze Grape Pop, and since I now have both in my stash, I decided to swatch them for myself, although this has already been done by other bloggers. Digging further into my stash, I found other polishes that were of the same shades just by looking at the colour from the bottle. Here's a group pic. Don't they look like siblings or something? LOL.


First, I'm gonna compare OPI Funky Dunkey and China Glaze Grape Pop. Here's how they look like in the bottle. Not really the same, but kinda similar. From the bottle, Grape Pop looks darker at first glance.

Moving on to swatches, can you guess which one is which?

Maybe it's the lighting, or the fact that the camera can't catch purple shades well, but they look like they're practically dupes for each other, don't they? Index and fourth finger are painted with OPI Funky Dunkey, middle finger and pinkie are painted with China Glaze Grape Pop. They might look the same in the picture, but they definitely most certainly looked different in real life. Grape Pop has a bluer tone than Funky Dunkey and it really showed. These are all 2 coats. Application-wise, I loved applying Funky Dunkey, the OPI brush is slightly thicker and wider than the CG one and it covers my nails very well. Texture-wise, I noted down that I found Grape Pop a bit gooey compared to Funky Dunkey, but I can't be sure now. (Did the swatches in the afternoon and I'm blogging late at night :p)


Another comparison of similar shades. Here we have OPI A Grape Fit! and China Glaze Spontaneous. Same same but different? Yep yep.

Guessing game again, which is which? It should be easier to guess now cos the difference can be seen, especially in the second picture below. And if you're smart, you would also have guessed that I swatched my fingers alternately in the same order as the bottles. Meaning, index and fourth finger are painted with OPI A Grape Fit!, and middle finger and pinkie are painted with China Glaze Spontaneous.

I applied 3 coats of OPI A Grape Fit! to achieve this, mainly because the first 2 coats were slightly streaky, so the 3rd coat covered up the unevenness. CG Spontaneous did a much better job with 2 coats. Plus the latter was a much darker shade of purple. Can you see it on my pinkie compared to my index which is coated with A Grape Fit!?


Third set of swatches are both from China Glaze: Grape Juice and C-C-Courage. Both have silver glitter in them, and that's where the similarities end.

They look so different when applied. Grape Juice is really sheer and a paler shade of purple (I probably had 3 coats on for this one), while C-C-Courage is a bluer bolder purple and 2 coats did it for me.

(index finger: eeks! didn't let it dry before taking the pic, so I smudged it a little)

Cleaning off these ones were slightly tougher cos of the glitter. I had them everywhere on my fingers after that. LOL.

Woo. Hope you liked this entry! I had wanted to do this since last weekend and I finally got down to it today. I was thinking of doing an entry on green shades since I notice that I have quite a few of them too, but sadly none of them really look like they could be dupes for each other, not even from the colour in the bottle. So I doubt they'd look the same when swatched? Let me know if you'd be interested. :)


Found another 2 similar purples in my stash (looks like I didn't dig deep enough the first time round!). So I thought of including them in this entry since it's all about purple!

Here we have China Glaze Let's Groove and Midnight Ride. They are both very dark, like eggplant purple.

Swatches: index and fourth finger are painted with Let's Groove and middle finger and pinkie with Midnight Ride. Can you believe this is just one coat for both polishes? One coat and it's this opaque and good to go if you want to. Admittedly, the texture of both polishes is very thick.

Midnight Ride looks almost black from certain angles and in indoor lighting. Very very vampy! Let's Groove is much warmer comparatively and I find it kinda similar to Essie's Sexy Divide. Possible dupe there.

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though i'm not a nail addict, i love this entry (: i'm lazy to do my nails coz i take ages to get it right.. i leave them to the manicurists hahas !

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wow, u really love purple!

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They all look like they differ by either a drop of white polish or a drop of black polish, shimmer and glitter! Hahaha love this post!! You really managed to capture purple shades well with ur cam, thanks for all the swatches! I have CG C-C-Courage but I've not used it before, realised it after reading this entry.

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Purple! I love purple! Funny to say, I only have funkey dunkey as my only purple nailpolish in my stash.

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!! really really pretty!! (:

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