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February 10, 2012

Rock your nails with Nail Rock Nail Wraps (application, removal and review)

I bought these Nail Rock wraps late last year on ASOS when they were having a twin-pack promo. This set cost £10 for 2 packs, and it was later reduced even further to £6 for 2. (The usual price for one pack is £6.65 on http://www.nailrock.com and £6.70 on ASOS). Designs were limited and fixed, but since I just wanted to try them out, it didn't really matter to me.

I believe the concept is similar to Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips. It's basically a sticker that you apply on your nails without the need to paint and wait for it to dry. It's an instant nail makeover with an intricate design that you would probably take a long time to create if you are not very good at nail art (like me!). I have not tried the Sally Hansen strips myself, but from what I've read you can remove them with nail polish remover, whereas for these Nail Rock wraps, you just have to peel them off.

This is my first time using this, so I don't know how long they last. I just wanted to wear something fun and different on my nails, as I have been "polish-free" for weeks, waiting for my nails to get better. They have been peeling and splitting and breaking for a very long time now and I just wanted to leave them alone. I thought that since this is not real polish, it would be ok to test them out.

This is one of the packs I bought. It comes with a python design (which I'm gonna show in this post) and a gold stars on metallic blue design.

This is the front of the python pack. If you notice, it says "no heat required". This is because previously the nail wraps had to be heated up with a hairdryer or something to keep the strip soft and flexible to ease the wrapping process. Thank goodness for improvements!

The back shows you the 3 simple steps needed to use the wraps.

A more detailed instruction sheet is included inside. The wraps come in 16 pieces of different sizes to suit your nail size and to allow for a few mistakes. (But what if you use all 10 correctly? You'd be left with another 6 which is not enough for another mani. I guess you could use them for accent nails etc. Anyway, I digress. I saw that the new nail wraps seem to come with 24 strips now. If that's the case, that's 2 full manis. Much more worth it!)

After prepping the nails, this is how I applied the strips. The strip is placed at the cuticle, and slowly smoothened over the nail. I then tuck the extra wrap under my nail and file it away. Easy as that.

One annoying thing I encountered was the creasing of the wrap as it went over the natural curve of my nail. To counter that, the instruction was to lift the sticker slightly and stretch it back over the nail and apply pressure to smoothen it again. (It's like having a bubble under your screen protector!). But I still ended up with a crease. The good thing is that it can't really be seen because the python print is pretty distracting.

Also, as you can see, my pinkie and ring finger didn't get fully wrapped on the sides. I might have chosen the wrong size there.

The overall look is pretty neat. I like it! It's really easy to apply. Now, I just need to see how long this will last .


Just a small edit here to insert a pic of how I removed my nail wraps. Peeled them off as shown below. The glue is quite strong and might leave some residue, but it's easily removable. The wraps lasted me about 2 days sadly. I don't know if that's a short or long time. The edges on some of my nails started lifting up (even more so after activities like washing my hair where my fingers are doing some rubbing action and are constantly wet). Maybe because I didn't stick them in place properly. Like I mentioned, the creasing was a bit of a problem for me. But I have another pack that I can try. Practice makes perfect.

Hope this has been useful.

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