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June 10, 2011

NOTW (MAC Ocean Dip, OPI Rally Pretty Pink, Orly Royal Velvet)

Besides MAC Ocean Dip (below), I've managed to wear another 2 other colours this week.

This is OPI Rally Pretty Pink from the Serena Williams Glam Slam series (the colour on my nails is not so accurate in this particular pic).

It comes in a set with the red shatter. I tried the red shatter over and I would have showed you how it looks like, except that it chipped the same night I put it on (I had been wearing OPI Rally Pretty Pink for about 2 days before I tried the red shatter) and so, I removed everything to wear something else. I will give the red shatter another try another time.

This is closer to how OPI Rally Pretty Pink really looks like. It's a rose gold and kinda reminds me of sleek makeup's blush of the same name.

And this is what I changed OPI Rally Pretty Pink for. This is Orly Royal Velvet. It's a blue/purple duochrome and I really love it.


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Oohh, now I can see the duochrome in Orly Royal Velvet, pretty! I really like OPI Rally Pretty Pink too, but I don't like red shatter..

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Omg I love the Orly Royal Velvet.


* like * :)

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Royal Velvet and Ocean dip are totally drool-worthy! Royal velvet reminds me of a beetle's shell. and your nail shape looks so perfect! you can be a hand model ;)

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hand model..hmm..that sounds interesting, but I've not heard much about that..lol

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